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What Is the Most Popular Carat Size for Engagement Rings?

Are you dying to know what's the most popular carat size for engagement rings? As faithfully as always, I’m here to spill the secret!

There’s no database that averages the carat sizes as people purchase their diamond rings. The carat question is not considered polite making it harder to gather information. Going by what we can readily find, we’d only be able to come up with a range rather than an exact number. So….let’s get that range! It’ll totally depend on a few things:

What Is the Most Popular Carat Size for Engagement Rings?


Different places around the world have different cultures around engagement ring carats. In some areas, big carat rings are considered a sign of wealth. In other areas, this does not hold any meaning in terms of whether the person is wealthy or not. In the former, a higher carat weight like 2 carats and above will be more popular.

Your social circle

Social status can also dictate what carat is popular among a group of people. Do you live in an affluent neighborhood with wealthy friends? Higher carat rings become common and popular quickly. In a middle-class group of people, you’ll expect popularity for a smaller carat weight.

Age bracket

In what age bracket are you? Are you young (typically below the 40s)? The most popular carat weight in your age bracket will be different from older people. Why? It might be because of the trends and what’s on fashion besides financial status. Older people are considered more financially stable than younger people in most cases. At the same time, older people are likely to have a smaller appetite for bigger carat rings. 

All those factors held constant, the average and most popular carat weight in the US, for example, is 1 ct -2 ct. So, there you have it! ;)

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