What Is a Good Carat for Engagement Ring?

Are you one to stick by engagement ring traditions out there? You’ll find yourself wondering what is a good carat for an engagement ring. Wonder no more, we can demystify this together! <3

There’s no written rule as to what carat is good or bad for an engagement ring. It’s all a matter of your own preference! That said, you may still need any advice you can get to figure out your preference so here goes:

What Is a Good Carat for Engagement Ring?

The other day, a friend of mine who recently got engaged was excitedly talking about the ring she said yes to.

“How many carats is it?”, I asked. After all, this is the first question that comes to mind for most people when the topic of rings is introduced. I could sense some hesitation from her voice as she explained that it was just slightly over a carat at 1.2 ct.

According to her, the ring did not meet the 2 carat standards that she thought made for a ring worth showing off. Was she happy with it as is? Very!

I had to explain to her that what mattered was what she was happy with, not what the society thought it should be. At the end of our conversation, she promised to show off her ring with confidence and pride. 

Was 1.2 carats a good carat for my friend’s engagement ring? Absolutely! Other people will have nothing less than a 5-carat ring.

Others go for smaller, dainty rings with not more than half a carat. Who determines a good carat for your engagement ring?


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