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We all agree that earrings play a huge part in getting that ‘I woke up like this’ look in the morning!



Sometimes, it’s really not about looking fly when you wake up and more about just being too exhausted at the end of the day to even take off your day clothes. Let alone your earrings. But leaving earrings on for too long can cause complications if not properly done, as we have talked about before. So how do you get that quality sleep while wearing earrings and still making sure that your ears stay in top shape?



  • Studs over Dangles or Hoops

  • Studs are much smaller making them the number one recommended earrings to sleep in with ease. However, if dangling or hoop earrings are more your style, then we’d advise that you take them off before going to bed.  



    That said, even with studs, there is risk of tiny strands of hair getting caught in the earring back. Been there, done that. The pain of pulling that hair out is not worth it! 😣



  • If you have a new piercing, sleep on your back instead of on your side

  • New piercings can be tough to sleep with. Often times, a little pressure on the fresh piercing will cause a painful throb. If you are a side sleeper, you might want to sleep on your back for the first 3- 6 weeks. If you absolutely cannot sleep on your back, then perhaps using a travel pillow would help lessen the pressure on your piercing. This way, you’ll be able to get a good night’s rest. 


  • Use flat studs for a new piercing instead of jeweled earrings

  • If you have a fresh piercing, you have no options than to sleep with earrings on until your piercing is completely healed. If you do, the holes will close up. Because of this, we recommend that you ask the person who pierces your ear to use flat studs. This reduces the chances of your earrings getting snagged on your hair or bedding. It also minimized the discomfort that comes with a fresh piercing.



    Gemstone earrings are even more precious, so if you are thinking of sleeping with them on, Dr. Marina Peredo has some advice for you:


    “Wearing jewelry while sleeping is the number one cause for  losing gemstones!”


    So, maybe just stick with simple flat studs to bed? 🤷🏾‍♀️


  • Make sure that the earrings you’re wearing are always clean

  • Earrings that are unclean lead to bacterial build-up. This can in turn cause rashes, blisters, crusty ears, ear cheese (yikes!🤢) and in extreme cases, split lobes and ear infections. 


    Once your earrings are clean, then you should have no problem sleeping comfortably with them on, if you apply number one to three above. 


  • Get sleep friendly earrings

  • You might want to consider getting small studs, or earrings with a rounded or silicon back. These will keep the earring post from constantly jabbing you in the skull. Trust me, the trauma from that is enough to make you not want to sleep with earrings ever again. 



    Easy to wear Hook earrings

    If you're lazy to take the screw off, or you don't like handling small earrings, then hook earrings might be your better choice. You can simply put it in and out with one move in one second.



  • Mind your sleeping position

  • If you are a side sleeper, refer to number 6. You could also use a travel pillow or an ear hole pillow. There are quite a number of those in the market. If you are a back sleeper, there’s nothing for you to see here. Carry on!



  • Sleep with your hair pulled back, or in a sleep bonnet

  • Sleeping with your hair pulled back or tied up will prevent any kind of snagging, and get you some good quality sleep. You constantly toss and turn in our sleep, so it’s very easy for your earrings to get caught in your hair and disrupt your sleep. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, only to find that you are in a hair-bedsheet-earring jail! 


    Screw Back Earrings may work for you

    The fact is that our head shapes and ear positions are very different than each other. That means the earrings that are comfortable to you, may not be comfortable for another person while sleeping. You can try earrings with screw backs. Screw back earrings have a secure screw design that features a threaded style to allow the backing to screw into the earring post



    We advise that you use a loose hair tie (because tightening your hair too much as you sleep can cause damage to your hairline and your hair in general). You could also use a satin bonnet. 


    Avoid wearing earrings made with nickel or lead overnight, as well as bog hoops and dangle or drop-style earrings. These could increase your risk of painful side effects.



    As always, we recommend that you visit a doctor for professional advice. You can also share your tips and tricks for sleeping comfortably with earrings in the comment section below.

     You can join our Facebook group to share your thoughts or ask others.


    Night night! 




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    • Evan,
      Maybe you can lighten up a bit…
      Don’t be so easily offended.
      The poster meant no disrespect or harm to anyone.
      They have a right to their comment .

    • Be very careful with silicone backs – take them off regularly and don’t wash hair with them in. I left some on my earrings for a few weeks and they hardened and adhered to the earring posts and could not be removed- the earrings had to be cut off with clippers. I wouldn’t want anyone else to have to go through that. Xx

    • kind of rude/homophobic that you assume only women are allowed to wear earrings. also, sooooo many typos and misspelled words, check yourself.


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