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Do Both Partners Get an Engagement Ring?

Engagement ring is that one iconic ring that mostly gets all the shenanigans because of its sparkling stones and sizes. 💎 But most importantly, for what they represent! They are the symbol of lifelong emotional commitment.

Big question, do both partners get an engagement ring? Let’s unveil some of these grand romantic mysteries. 💐

Do both partners get an engagement ring

⚡How Things Have Changed for Men in The E-ring Dynamics? ⚡

Long story short, isn’t the modern world all about parting ways from old wedding traditions? And finding your comfort according to what makes you happier?

The whole idea of proposal and marriage has changed over time and now it is more of a personal a.k.a Free choices to make zone! ☺️

Gender roles and assumptions have never been more fluid. So, yes you know usually it’s always the woman getting a stunning engagement ring and all the grand gestures. But now it’s really more of an emotional ride for both partners!💑

Men are now more than ever ready to show their love and commitment. So, it’s really a matter of personal choice if they get an engagement ring. 💁

❣️Tour De Fantasyland!❣️

Guess what, like every girl has a different proposal fantasy, your partner feels the same way!

Remember the famous Nature Vs Nurture argument we see everywhere? Well, in South America, it is common for both men and women to get an engagement ring. Different countries have their different traditions! 💫

But in the 21st century, jewelry industries began to make engagement rings for men as well.

There are a wide range of ‘his and hers’ rings and it has become a common practice to give a groom an engagement ring as well.👰🤵

Now-a-days, Women, when proposed, prefer to look for a perfect engagement ring for their partner as well. 💍❤️💍

➡️ Men and Their Idea of Engagement Rings!

Do men feel any different than women when they get an engagement ring? Not so much! You see, some men also like the idea of wearing an engagement ring, because it is a symbol of commitment. 💕

It reminds them about the love they have for their partner, and the effort they need to put into their marriage to make it work. It gives a sense of responsibility, love, respect and togetherness.💌

The catch here is that you just need to look for clues if your man would love to wear an engagement ring or should you go for an alternative? 💯

➡️ Do All Men Want an Engagement Ring?

Not really! Since some men prefer not to wear the engagement ring, there could be different and personal preferences for that!

Sometimes, the reason is that wearing a ring does not fall in their comfort zone.

It can also be as simple as, due to the occupation they are in. Maybe it involves a lot of hand work that they prefer not to wear a jewelry piece.🛠️⛏️

Like a passionate DIYer may not prefer not to wear his ring because he thinks that wearing a ring while working can be hazardous.⚠️

➡️ Conclusion:

Either way, both men and women can get the engagement ring, as long as they have a desire to have one. It is totally up to the couple whether both wear an engagement ring or not.

Women prefer this jewelry piece, or it can be said that it is their one of the ‘dreams’ to wear an engagement ring. 💍

Whereas for men, one cannot say what they prefer, because different men have different tastes when it comes to jewelry. So, girls, put on your detective glasses and let’s do some research yeah! 🕵️‍♀️


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