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Flush Halo (Classic) Vs. Floating Halo Engagement Rings

Time to hit the "Styles" road! Now that you know a lot about Halo rings, and you might be just real close to finalizing one. Let me shower you with some more informational bliss, right from The Fountain of Thy blessed engagement rings!

Let’s discuss the two widely common styles of the halo engagement rings: Flush Halo (Classic) and floating Halo Engagement Rings.

Spoiler alert: these styles are all about the setting of the stone in the middle. 💍

It depends on you whether you like an elevated diamond for your ring, or the one placed right on your finger (or your partner’s finger). You can compare both styles and later on choose the style according to your likeness.👩

Flush Halo (Classic) Engagement ring

 Imagine a two tier cake, the first layer of the sponge is on the second layer with nothing in between but just a batch of freshly whipped cream! Connecting them together super closely.

That’s what a flush halo ring is! The center stone sits together with the halo itself. 💍💎 And so the stone is as close to your finger as the band/shank is.

There is no space between the surrounding halo and the main stone that sits in the middle. 💎 Just like our two-tiered cake is not separated by blueberries, chocolate bars or other things in-between the spine layers!

It resembles a classic style engagement ring that has been in demand for centuries.💍

The knightess of decent rings!

Flush style halo ring is best for your woman if she prefers to wear subtle jewelry. The diamond placement is low in flush halo rings.

As the diamond is lowly placed in these rings, it gives a decent or minimalistic look to the engagement ring. 💎 If she is not into something extra glamorous, and prefers a sophisticated look, then this flush halo engagement ring (or a classic halo engagement ring) is perfect for you! 💯

💟Floating Halo Engagement Rings💟

Love that crunchy, nutty cake bites? Or you know when you are supposed to take all the layers in one bite cause there are nuts or chocolate bars inside them layers? Imagine a floating halo engagement ring just like that! In floating Halo rings, the surrounding halo and the center of the ring are held far apart with the help of the prongs.

This is how the floating halo engagement ring differs from the flush halo ring in a way!

It has a different setting of the diamond (or the stone), typically highly placed than the flush Halo rings.

✨Ring with Grandeur✨

It is perfect for your girl if she loves to have a grandeur look of her jewelry. Then she must be looking for this in her engagement ring as well. 👑

In the floating halo engagement rings, the diamond in the center is more prominent, thus giving a more glamorous view of the ring.💌


Halo rings add brilliance to the center of the diamond. Now, it’s all about liking what she would desire for her ring. Do you think she would absolutely love an elevated stone with added glam to the engagement ring? ✨

Or is she more into subtle and minimalistic jewelry? Do your research and choose accordingly. Either way, your halo engagement ring is going to be the perfect one ever cause you chose it!♥️

Glamorous or decent, it’ll be romantic! Your grand gesture and big ask! Best of luck! 😊

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