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How Do I Choose a Diamond Solitaire Ring?

Here comes the non-negotiable yet most challenging part of the proposal! Also known as, how do I choose a diamond solitaire ring. A solitaire ring is all about the diamond. The pressure of choosing the right diamond is all on your shoulders now. Other rings usually have other supporting gems that take over at times to enhance the beauty of the ring. But with a solitaire ring, the story is all about a single diamond. Hence, this choice can be quite intimidating for some. Give your brain some work and shrug off some dirt over it. I do not want to overburden you, hence here are some tips and tricks to choose the right kind of diamond. Let's walk through the story of some C’s to choose just the impressive diamond.

How Do I Choose a Diamond Solitaire Ring?


I am sure you must be kind of amazed to read that the color of the diamond matters. Yes boy! Gone are the days when a light transparent diamond was all we had. Now, there is a proper scale for deciding the color of the diamond. The colors are graded from letters D to Z. D being the lightest and going towards yellowish tints to Z. The color selection also depends on the cuts of the diamond. Feeling lost? Hop on to the next aspect.

read ken jeong GIF


Why is the cut of the diamond important? Because the cut will reflect the light in a certain way, which will make the stone look brilliant and impressive. *sparkles* The sparkle of the stone is all you want in an engagement ring. You have to look for the cut which is graded as excellent. As those facets will be interacting with the light and giving the maximum bling or sparkle to the diamond.  


A diamond’s clarity is determined on the grounds of how “flawless” it is. By flawless, it is meant the inclusions or blemishes (black or white lines or flecks) it has. Both within the diamond and on the surface. Let me tell you, while other 4 C’s also play an important role but the clarity of your diamond determines it’s worth and appearance. Look for the diamond which is graded Flawless (FL) Internally Flawless (IF). If I were you, I would go for a flawless diamond because well, I bet nobody wants an engagement with any flaws. Especially if they are in the ring! 

No Way GIF

Choosing Metal for Solitaire Ring

There should be no other choice except platinum when it comes to the ring part. Other metals have a tendency of wearing down with time. Platinum is the most durable metal and will be your girl’s partner all her life. Well, the sort of partner you don’t have to worry about. ;) Only if you feel that she wants to wear something soft, then you can also opt for yellow gold.

Choosing the Setting

In a solitaire ring, the way a diamond is held comes under the category of setting. You can breathe here, as you have to only choose between a bezel setting or a prong one. For a more visible diamond, go for a prong setting. Bezel setting has a metal that holds the diamond, hence making it a little not that visible. However, it is more durable and does not need repairing often. If your girl keeps her things safe and organized, a prong setting is a good go-to.

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Make sure to spend the maximum time on thinking about these C’s. C’s are never easy to digest. You hated it as a grade in college and you might hate it now. But keep in mind, these C’s are going to be the savior now if they were never back then.

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