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Should You Buy A Diamond Without A Certificate?

Buying a diamond comes with its cautions and homework. You have to make sure you are purchasing a real diamond because the simple word of the online store is not enough. A certificate is what gives you information about the diamond.

A certificate tells you the following about the diamond:

  • Shape 
  • Dimensions
  • Carat weight
  • Color and clarity grades
  • Standard of finish (symmetry, polish, girdle width)
  • Cut grade (round brilliant diamonds)

Should you buy a diamond without a certificate?

When you buy a genuine diamond, a certificate must come with it. Wherever the diamond goes, the document has to go with it for authenticity. You will need this certificate when you appraise, insure, or sell the stone in the future. 

Remember that a diamond certificate is not the same as a diamond appraisal. The certificate only describes and grades the diamond. The appraisal values the diamond according to the current market value. The diamond certificate makes appraisals easy. This document determines the insurance or replacement value of the stone. 

Note that a certificate will only assess the diamond’s physical attributes. It will never give information about its origins. It could be a blood diamond, but there is no way to tell with a certificate only. 

Why You Need a Certificate for a Diamond?

You need a certificate for your diamond to protect you as the buyer. Your money is essential and if you want to spend it on the best. Getting some other similar looking shiny gemstone of less value is disappointing. The word of the diamond seller is not enough. A 2 carat flawless, D color grade diamond is appealing. It gets more appealing with a verifying certificate from a recognized gemology laboratory.

Without that certificate, you will only have the seller’s word, which might not be accurate. You will also have only your eyes to rely on. Some aspects of the diamond are not evident by looking with the naked eye. Anyone who is not a professional can't know the quality, clarity, color grade, and carat weight. Your seller could be the most trustworthy online brand jewelry store. Still, insist on a certificate. If you have to insist on a certificate, they are not as reliable as you think. The valid certificate should be there in the first place.

When the Certificate Is Not a Certificate

The most important aspect of the diamond certificate is where it comes from. For it to be valid, it has to be from an independent and renowned gemological laboratory.

All diamond certifications cost money. Some jewelry stores sell uncertified diamonds to rake in bigger profits. But they are aware that buyers are wary about uncertified diamonds. This is why these questionable sellers decide to go the self-certification way. They buy uncertified diamonds then grade them in-house and present their certificate. They will try to convince sellers to buy their diamonds and submit their proof of value.

There no difference between a self-certified diamond and an uncertified diamond. The seller is not an independent and recognized gemologist. So, their in-house grading doesn’t count. It is what it is, a short cut that shows their dishonest ways.

When You Buy An Uncertified Diamond 

For some reason, you might want to buy an uncertified or a self-certified diamond. Before you give your thousands for that uncertified diamond, note the risk. You risk getting a less value diamond and pay too much for it. Gem labs have strict rules when grading diamonds. The uncertified diamonds could rank under a lower color grade than indicated. This means that you could pay more and get a less quality diamond. Note that no appraiser will recognize a retailer-issued certificate. A true appraiser will always ask for a valid diamond certificate. Are you willing to risk that?

The Conclusion 

You could be an experienced diamond buyer, and you trust your abilities. Still, to check the quality of a diamond yourself, might be inaccurate. If you have no experience with diamonds, it is best to always go for certified diamonds. A certified diamond is the only way to know that you are getting what you are paying for. Buying a diamond without a certificate means you trust them 100%.


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