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Top 3 Low Profile Halo Moissanite Engagement Rings

So, you are here, that means you have been looking for ‘the ring’ and doing some background research on the low setting profile and willing to get to know more about low setting engagement rings. or you could be completely new to the world of rings and looking forward to getting the perfect ring for her😉💗.

If your bride is someone with an active lifestyle and uses her hands a lot, you are here to make the right choice for her. Low setting rings are set in a low-profile ring and are set to lay close to your finger as opposed to a high setting ring that rises above your finger, which is more prone to damage. A low setting ring is a great option for women with an active lifestyle. These rings are highly versatile, comfortable, and functional. 😊👍

Now that You know if you think your lady is a busy bee, let’s take a look at the top 3 list of Low Profile moissanite engagement rings that might be a perfect pick for her?. These stunning beauties were carefully chosen by us, with the best intentions for your beloved and you, so make sure you make it to the end of this article.😄


First, we have,

Nova by Leyloon and Tiara Halo Ring in Pave Band w/ Oval Moissanite and Diamond from La More design


“I got her the ring and had my fingers crossed hoping she would like it. I always asked for her opinion before I got her something, but this was different and it had to be a total surprise. My fiancé liked everything simple, she had a way of style and grace that I always liked about her. A Wednesday night I set up everything on my balcony before she came back from work. She worked late shifts and she came home past my bedtime. Food check, candles and lights check, the ring check. I had done a pretty good job about everything and I was waiting for her to come home. After some time I heard her car pull into my driveway I took a final glance at everything to make sure everything was in place. She must have found that I was not asleep in my room, she came to the balcony after some time. Pausing to take in the scene, she was flattered. After dinner, I proposed to her and she said yes. Thank God! she loved the ring " It is just what I would have chosen for myself, she said"



Nova is an excellent choice with a popular cushion Cut Moissanite set in a low-profile basket setting to radiate fire and brilliance😍. The cluster of sparkling stones placed around the center stone gives a dainty, classic vibe to the ring. Nova is a classy option for the modern princess 👸of your dreams. 😊


Tiara Halo Ring in Pave Band w/ Oval Moissanite and Diamond

“Being the only girl in my family I was used to being pampered by everyone, my parents, siblings they always treated me like a pet. When I grew up and Met Allen, I felt like we were meant to be. He treated me like a princess and I felt blessed. He took me on a vacation to Hawaii and proposed to me in the most romantic way. Not that I would have minded if he had done it simply back at home, with the right person it doesn't matter where they propose to you, it is what they feel about you that matters. At the end of the day I was so hyped about my ring, it was everything I ever wanted, I couldn't wait to show it to my friends and family"



A tiara halo Diamond ring with a sparkling forever one oval moissanite by Charles and Colvard set in the center😊. The ring band is studded with sparkling stones to give it a fancy yet delicate touch. The ring comes with a matching bridal set to enhance the elegance of the ring❤👌


2) Arabella from Leyloon and Diamond Halo Low profile Moissanite engagement ring, Roberta from Moissanite Rings.


"I had had a bad divorce and since then I built a wall around me, not allowing a woman to mess with my head. I drowned myself in work and work alone. The thought of letting someone else control my life drained the life out of me. Dating and seeing new people was totally out of my list. Then I met her. One of my family friends who knew my back story introduced me to one of her friends she thought I might like. I showed up on our first date assuming it will turn out to be a one-night thing. But instead, I gradually fell in love with her character and our friends advised us to take it slow. With time I saw a future with this woman and when I was sure the feelings were mutual; I got her the ring. It is charming and perfect. We have been married for 3 years now, with a 1-year old daughter. Every day when I catch a sight of the ring in her hand, I am glad I took the chance when I had it"



Arabella is a low set ring with a French pave Halo and a round excellent cut, Moissanite placed in the center. The delicate band studded, with stones and the wedding band set will adorn your lady's finger-like no other ring! Makes an ideal option for women with class.


Diamond Halo Low Profile Moissanite Engagement Ring - Roberta



Similar to Arabella, Roberta features a low setting Forever one Moissanite, enveloped by a glimmering halo?. This ring doesn't come with wedding ring enhancers as Arabella does, but if you are looking for just the ring and a rose gold metal of choice, this might be right the option for you.


3) Arianna from Leyloon head on head with Elle From Do Amore




 Every girl loves the little romantic candle night dinners and the cheesy lines of poetry you write for her. Arianna with a reverse split shank that wraps around her fingers, resembling a ribbon, is a ring for your cheeky sweetheart who is a fan of romance. Ignite the flames of your romance and keep it forever alive with Arianna. Oval moissanite set low, adorned with a halo, and winsome details.



“It took me years to find the right person. I watched all my friends getting engaged and settling down, one by one. But I wasn't in a hurry to get married and have children, I believed in true love and I was willing to wait around for it. Finally, I met Adam, he was a blessing. He proposed to me after 3 years of dating, it was not always a smooth road for us, we had bumps and potholes on our road but, in the end, when he got down on one knee in a family dinner, he made sure I heard him loud and clear that he wanted to share the rest of his life with me. I was overwhelmed when he opened the tiny box and revealed the ring to me, it was enchanting"



A ring that perfectly captures the elements of a modern engagement ring,  A scalloped halo that surrounds the center stone with a dainty studded band for a classy look👍💗.


We showed you some of the best Top 3 low setting Moissanite engagements and wish you had gained the inspiration to propose to the love of your life with one of these elegant beauties. Which ring among these captured your heart more than the others? Don’t forget to share it with us in the comments down below 👇.


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