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What Is the Highest Quality Moissanite?


Know What Brand or Place You're Buying From

If you can't recognize a fake stone vs a real stone, then either ask for help or go to a trusted place. Before knowing about any of the details, pay attention to the main factor. Usually you can only buy the best quality moissanite from the high end brands. It's simple math. Poor quality stones end up in cheap stores. And high quality ones end up in high end brands. If you choose to go to a cheap jewelry store, make sure to bring a friend or relative that can give you some tips or spot a fake vs quality stone.


⛔ Do Not buy from places that would not guarantee their stones. So basically if your moissanite gets cloudy or changes color, the chances are that you bought a refined or treated stone. There's some processes that would bring bad quality moissanite stones back to life. And these stones get cut into smaller pieces or end up in cheap jewelry stores. Normally these kinds of sellers just wanna sell the stone at that moment and would not take any responsibility for what they sell. Even if you wanna return it the day after you bought it, they'd deny you. So at least 30 day money back guarantee plus lifetime stone quality warranty would put you in a secure spot. 


🍻 Why should you go to the right place if you want the highest quality moissanite? Where is the right place to buy moissanite jewelry? Get your moissanite jewelry from a place that guarantees its quality, color and sustainability forever. Moissanite stones, just like diamonds, have to stay in the same color and quality. If you can additionally get a free yearly jewelry maintenance, then better. That means someone's gonna take care of cleaning and inspecting your jewelry with its stone forever.


Quality of Stone Setting Matters

If you get a good quality stone and let an amateur jeweler or someone with minimal care and skill set set the stone, the chances of scratching the stone or breaking it is high. At the same time you never know how the setting is gonna hold your stone on it. Especially when it comes to engagement rings. Because your hands are active, you have to have a solid setting so you never lose your stones.


Just finding the best quality moissanite and buying it is not the end of the story. The fact that many buyers don't wanna pay attention to is that fine jewelry needs special care and treatment. On average you'd have to pay $50 up to over $200 for your jewelry services annually or every few years depending on your lifestyle. 

That's exactly why it's important to ask for after purchase services from your jeweler. For example we encourage all of our customers to bring their jewelry every 12 months or more. So we can tighten the prongs, polish and clean your jewelry. If your jeweler is fair, they have to provide these services for free.


What's the premium quality moissanite?

When looking at Moissanite and diamond qualities, the 4C's are looked at and then the final decision is made.  How can they affect the quality including the appearance and durability of a Moissanite?

What Is the Highest Quality Moissanite?

💍Color 💍

Moissanite is not like a diamond in true sense! And it has many undertones to it. It depends on how much your girl would care about the color! I mean if she is the kind of person who can tell the difference between light purple and slightly light purple, you have got to be more considerate. 😏 It's what she will see first and all of her friends will see first too! Color is quite important when buying a Moissanite. I am going to colorfully paint that Moissanite color chart for you!

Jimmy Fallon Yes GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Moissanite and diamond color scales are the same. They start from D and end at Z.

So by GIA standards, you can either get a forever one colorless diamond, this has between the color grading of D, E, and F. This means it is colorless.

Another one is forever near-colorless, it has the grading of G, H, and I. This means it is nearly colorless. 

If she would love a rather slightly warm tone, this one can be it. This one is forever brilliant Moissanite, graded between G, H & I but actually it’s tone is more like I & J. So, this will appear slightly yellowish.


But what moissanite color is the best? Colorless colors like D,E and F are rarer and more expensive. But can you call them "higher quality"? Of course not. 

💍 Clarity 💍

Clarity means a lot when you are looking for the highest quality Moissanite! It is quite understandable that you must be aiming to get a clean and clear gemstone for your engagement ring. 💎 So, you have to look out for inclusions (the internal characteristics) and blemishes (the characteristics on the surface). The following scale can help;

FL - Flawless / completely clear and 

IF - Internally Flawless / There might be some little inclusions on the surface

VVS1-VVS2 - Very Very Slightly included / super hard to notice.

VS1-VS2 - Very Slightly included / hard to notice.

SI1-SI2 - Slightly included / Can be visible.


Most of the moissanite stones on the market fall in VVS, VS and SL category. So ideally you wanna stick with VVS stones.


💍 Cut 💍

Here's another really important aspect of getting a stone on your engagement ring. You want it to be completely symmetrical for the best results possible! 🤗  The shape on both sides of the diamond should be the same and the sizing as well! It is graded on a chart that goes from ideal to fair. The proper cut is after all going to enhance the gem’s ability to reflect and refract light.

Well Done Ok GIF by funk

Excellent - fully symmetrical with a beautiful shape. Reflects a lot of light.

Ideal - a great cut but reflects less light.

Very good - average cut with a little light reflection.

Good - below average and reflects very very little light.


These days many moissanite labs use the highest quality tools to produce the greatest quality cuts. That means some labs may cut stones better than others. On the other hand, older stones may had been cut using the traditionally tools and methods.

If the surface of your stone looks super clean, then this might be a sign that you're getting an unused stone. At the same time, better cuts are "eye clean". If a stone is not eye clean it doesn't mean that it's not sparkly or it's not worth anything. But if you're looking for the highest and rarest quality of cut, eye clean is the one. Eye clean stones are much more expensive.


Eye Clean Diamond & moissanite


💍 Carat 💍

In diamonds as the size gets bigger and the quality increases, the rarer it gets. Although big size moissanite is not rare, it's hard to find. And of course the bigger the stone, the more inclusions may be in the stone. VVS and VS are the more common qualities in bigger size moissanite stones. 

Carat is the traditional measuring unit of a diamond's weight (1 carat = 200 milligrams). It is divided into 100 points.

💎 1.5 carats = 150 points

💎 6.5mm Moissanite weighs 0.83-0.85 carats



💍 Conclusion 💍

So, while you may have felt or perhaps even yawned a little bit digesting this information but your buying decision has to be sound! And with me on your side, you really get to achieve that. An ideal Moissanite quality would be with D-E-F on the color, FL-IF or VVS1-VVS2 on the clarity, and Excellent on the cut! 🤗


You can ask these requirements while finally buying the engagement ring, this way you get to make a completely informed decision. Isn’t that the goal? 😎 


 If you have any questions, comment below, I'll reply quickly.

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