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Should an Engagement Ring Be a Surprise?

Does the heartwarming moment you present a ring to your special lady appeal to you?  It's even sweeter when she least expects it! If it does, then you’ll find yourself wondering whether the ring should be a surprise or not.

Like most decisions, keeping the ring a surprise has its own pros and cons. Let’s look at those together, shall we? :) 

Should an Engagement Ring Be a Surprise?


  • If you keep it a secret, you preserve the sweet surprise for her. You also get to see the priceless look on her face when you present it! This can be a mind-blowing, memorable moment that you’ll both remember for years and years to come! 
  • Getting her a ring all by yourself gives you control over how much you want to spend on it. Also, how big you want that diamond/gemstone. Some ladies can be quite modest! If they know how much you’re spending on their ring, they might stop you from fully expressing yourself. You want her to get the biggest diamond to express how much she means to you? Go ahead and slip it onto her finger before she even knows it! ;)
  • You get to keep the tradition! Your girlfriend will have a story to tell when she’s discussing the big question moment with her friends. Imagine her excitement as she expresses seeing a beautiful ring on her finger for the first time! :)


  • Imagine buying a ruby ring only to discover later that she’d have loved a traditional diamond ring. Or, a 1 carat stone only for her to express awe at a bigger, 5 carat stone. She’d appreciate your efforts getting her a gorgeous ring and surprising her. At the same time, it’s not the same as getting her a dream ring that she’ll love and likely never want to take off!
  • When you pick out her ring without her input, she might feel left out. It also means she will not have the opportunity to pick out her perfect ring from a variety. It might also stress you out picking it out because you might not be sure what option she might like over the other. This is a ring that she’ll wear for the rest of her life! Having a say in such a matter would make her feel empowered as opposed to feeling like she’s just taking what she’s given. This does not apply to all ladies though, so it depends on your girlfriend’s take on the matter. :)

With these considerations in mind, my hope is that you now know which way to pull the trigger. 

Whichever way you choose to go, all my best wishes to you and your lady! :)

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