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What Color Should a Diamond Sparkle?

Anxious about which color should a diamond sparkle? Overthinking every detail including the shine of the ring?

Keep calm because all diamond colors actually sparkle! ✨

However, each diamond color shines uniquely depending on its ability to reflect light.

What Color Should a Diamond Sparkle?

If you’ve walked into a jewelry store, you must have already seen that all diamonds seemed to sparkle in the same rhythm. Which is why you’re here, getting the hang of things. And wondering what diamond will uniquely fit your future wife, because almost all of them are equally beautiful.

But then again, there is more than what meets the eye. 👀

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To help you take a closer look, diamond sparkle due to its reflection of light. Aside from the cut, carat and clarity, color also affects the diamond’s sparkle. The more brilliant light is reflected from a diamond, the shinier the sparkle it gives.

Brilliance is the ability of the diamond to reflect white light back to our eyes. And as our grade school science teacher taught us, light travels in waves and white light is the combination of all different light waves that composes a rainbow. 🌈 The light that hits a transparent or an opaque object automatically bounces off like a ball that bounces back from the ground.

Hence, the diamond being an opaque object reflects the light that produces a sparkle, which also then gives us a rainbow-like spectrum of colors that is commonly called the “fire”.

But diamond has a range of color grades, right? Meaning the brilliance depends on the level of color or opacity of the object to reflect more light.

We have colorless to faint (yellowish/brownish tints) diamond color grade. Now imagine a yellow tinted glass and a plain mirror under the sun, which one do you think will most likely reflect the brightest light with an array of color spectrum?

Right. Diamonds that fall from colorless to near colorless grades (D-H) reflect the best of white light like a plain mirror or a tiny disco ball!

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On the other hand, warmer or faint color diamonds (I-M) can still reflect a sufficient amount of light as it remains a transparent smooth object. However, aside from a lesser brilliance, the color spectrum coming out of the stone will also be tinted with more hues of yellow or brown regardless of lighting condition.

Some women still find this pretty though! Especially if their style preference is vintage.

And the trick to enhance its sparkle is setting it in a yellow gold metal base. This will help the whiter parts of the stone stand out when hit by a light. The yellow gold setting sort of hides the yellowish tints so it can sparkle better. 😉

There you have it! All of them can sparkle and it’s really up to her style which kind of sparkle fits her best.

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