Right Ring Finger Meaning

According to tradition, the finger next to the pinky is the wedding ring finger.

But, why this is the chosen one?

You are about to find out the secret that no one will talk about.

The right ring finger is reserved for the wedding ring.

It was considered that there is a vein that runs from the fourth finger to the heart.

This brings a unique connection between the two partners.

But, it also have other meanings too when you wear a non wedding ring.


The custom dates back to ancient Roman times.

The main idea was to connect two hearts in a physical way.

It was believed that there is a vein that runs from your fourth finger, straight to the heart.



Right Ring Finger Meaning

The ring was meant to set the roots for a happy life filled with love.

The Vena amoris is known as the “vein of love”.

This is where the idea originated.

Right Ring Finger Meaning

I know that you are so excited that you have discovered the right ring finger meaning.

So, let’s find out more about the rest of the fingers and their meaning!



That's all about wearing ring on right ring finger meaning.

Do you wear a ring on your right ring finger?

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