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Cushion Halo vs. Round Halo Engagement Rings

Look at you reaching the final stage of your engagement ring quest! Congratulations are in order, bro! 😉

So now that you know different kinds of engagement rings, it’s time to move on further to the different diamond cuts in various styles of Halo engagement rings. Oh, you are going to love it I am going to make it SO easier for you.💁‍♀️

💎The quick sneak peak💎

Cushion halo engagement rings, as the name suggests, are the rings that have a pillow-shaped outline and soft round edges, just like a cushion.

Whereas, the round halo engagement ring has a simpler and round shape. It is the most popular shape of the diamond cut of all the cuts that are known for engagement rings. 💟

Let’s discuss and compare the cushion cut, and round cut diamonds, side by side, by highlighting the pros and cons of both styles of halo engagement rings.

💎Cushion Halo Engagement Ring💎

Imagine a cushion or perhaps you are just doing this research sitting by it! 😅  Simply put, cushion halo rings have cushion-shaped diamond (or any stone) which has a vintage effect on it.

It has neatly round corners that add to the romance that is the essence of your proposal and engagement. 👑 Let me ask you something. Does she have a thing for vintage appeals? Then it's going to be the loveliest choice for her. Also if she prefers romance over grandeur.

This cut has a soft delicate look to it which depicts the gentle nature of the person wearing it.🌼

Vintage style💍

The cushion halo rings are mostly related to the vintage style, because of their unique cushion styled cut. The stone in this ring looks delicate and looks quite versatile as it compliments many styles for the engagement rings.💎

The cut enhances the light performance on the stone, making it look more exquisite and fine. If she is more inclined towards elegant jewelry, then choosing a cushion cut diamond for your engagement ring will be a perfect decision.💯


💎Round Halo Engagement Rings💎

Round cut halo engagement rings are as radiant as an engagement ring could get! Round diamonds have a universal appeal to them.

They are widely praised as the well-cut round diamond will look great in almost every kind of ring setting. 💯

Not only does it suit every setting, but it also elevates the appearance of the diamond on the ring. Now, imagine all these qualities literally amplified in a halo setting?! I mean, isn’t that just My Dream Engagement ring picture?!

The halo setting gives a more elaborated look then a simple round cut diamond, thus having higher brilliance as a larger size.

✨ Sparkle, where you go! ✨

Who doesn’t like sparkle? ✨ Especially on a finger! Every girl desires for it. The round cut halo rings have precise cut diamonds that increase the scintillation of the diamond, resulting in more sparkle.

Round diamond halo rings are praised all over the world and are most popular, due to its scintillation. 💍

The cut enhances the light effect, which is praised mostly, but one other thing that makes people love round cut halo rings is the precise cutting of the diamond, which makes the diamond and the ring more exquisite-looking.

The intricate style of the round cut diamond halo ring makes it look more graceful on the finger! Hence, more points for you being the best fiancé ever!


It all comes down to personal preferences! If she would love a cushion halo or a round halo, I have shared with you the ques to look for!

You have already nailed the quest by gathering all the information that you needed to make an informed decision. What’s left? Just re-visit her choices, plan the big ask’s big surprise and you are good to go!

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