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Does Moissanite Sparkle More than Diamond?

Even if you have it all figured out that you are going to go for a Moissanite engagement ring, the basic question remains! More like human instinct. 🧐Especially when you are living the world full of diamond love, you must be wondering that does Moissanite sparkle more than a diamond?🤔 Even though both of these gemstones are quite different, people have still been comparing them for decades! That is because they just look very alike. In certain lightings, you won't even be able to tell the difference between them! 🤯  A frequently asked question about Moissanite is that if it sparkles more than a diamond? Why is diamond considered traditional if Moissanite sparkles more and reflects light better? ✨Let me take you to the realm of sparkles and all the answers you need to know to make your choice!  😏

Does Moissanite Sparkle More than Diamond?

✨ The Scientific Facts ✨

Moissanite was found decades ago while examining rock samples.🕰️  It looked a lot like diamonds so people decided to compare it to one. Natural, isn’t it? Imagine the first time you met your girl, she had many habits and choices like your mom do, the association is irresistible. 😍It is even said that most guys choose girls who are more or less similar in habits like their moms. 🤩 So, as a human instinct, the comparison of a Moissanite with a diamond is irresistible! At the time Moissanite was found, many people thought that it was actually a diamond! When both of these stones were compared, the results were mind-blowing! 🤯 Moissanite had a refractive index of around 2.65 - 2.69, which is higher than a diamond! This means that it is definitely shinier and reflects a lot more light! ✨

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✨ Why Is Diamond Liked More If Moissanite Sparkles More? ✨

Diamond is just known to be traditional for many years. It has become part of the culture for many people and so they decide to seal the most valuable decisions of their lives with the most valuable engagement ring. 🤷 Diamond is also naturally rare and that is why people tend to go for it. This stone is also just a lot more popular than Moissanite so people just tend to go for the safer option. Besides, it’s the common choice, the common idea that right away springs in anyone’s mind when the choice for an engagement ring shows up. For quite a long time, I believe the word diamond ring was even synonymous with an engagement ring. 💍

✨ Does the Sparkle of a Moissanite Look Fake? ✨

It depends on your girl. If she likes to go the extra mile and wear fancy stuff, she will love it. 😍On the other hand, if it's for a minimalistic person, she may not like the "disco effect" of a Moissanite. You need to keep in mind the preferences of your girl and what she would really like to choose. Don't worry! You most probably know her well enough by now so just go for something that feels right. 😊 So far there’s nothing that can sparkle like moissanite, so if there is, people would pay for it even more than Moissanite. So it can’t look fake in any way. If she loves sparkle, she is absolutely going to adore how a Moissanite ring adds so much more rainbow-like charm to her overall looks! 

✨ Nancy and Her Love for Sparkle ✨

"Of course, it sparkles more than a diamond! That's the reason for me even getting it. Diamonds are boring for me as I like the attention and the spotlight. I want to shine in and for that, my jewelry better be shining as well!", Nancy exclaimed super excitedly when I asked her about Moissanite's sparkle, "I love it when people come up to me and ask about my engagement ring. It feels very unique when I tell them that it's not actually a diamond! Diamond is very mainstream in my opinion."💫 So, if your girl is anything like Nancy, she is going to adore it with the same passion.

✨ Katelyn’s Love for Gemstones ✨

"Honestly, I don't mind having either one of those stones. In my opinion, both of them just look and feel the same. I've had this engagement ring for a few months now and I have to say Moissanite is a gorgeous gemstone. It’s very sparkly and many people tell me that it looks like custom jewelry and that's what I love about it - the debates that I can have about it with other people! I've made many friends due to this stone". 😊

The reason I shared Katelyn’s experience here is to let you in on how a few girls may feel. I mean in the start they may be neutral for any gemstone, but with time a Moissanite can perhaps be more catchy and intriguing for people around them. 🧐 It can make your woman talk about her engagement ring more!

✨Final Takeaway✨

All in all, fellows! Yes, a Moissanite sparkles more than a diamond. The question remains, what does sparkle do for your girl? ❓You know this and you have already unlocked the level 1 of The Happiest Life castle staircase. 🏃Get going

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  • I bought 2pair 2 karat moisenite earrings they were beautiful I had to have a necklace now I want a matching ring to my collection.
    I’d much rather buy these than diamonds. Besides the price is affordable than diamonds of the same karats and price.

    Lynette Lawrence

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