What Is the Most Classic Engagement Ring Style?

Finding the perfect engagement ring is a tough job. It’s like going on a shopping trip with your girlfriend. 👗 She picks a handful of clothes and asks what fits her best. You’re trapped because they all look good on her. 😰 You’re now pressured and undecided. 

But this time, it’s like a ten-fold pressure which ring fits her best. The one ring that she’d love wearing for the rest of her life.

Unlike shopping, there is no dressing room here. You can’t get a handful of rings and try it out on her. NO, NO, NO. 🙅‍♀️ It’s all backstage and detective work for you. If you’re done with the investigation and sure that a classic ring suits her best, read on. 🧐 You're about to find out the most classic engagement ring style!

Solitaire is the most classic and iconic engagement ring style. It’s like the mother of all jewelry designs. 🤱 And yes, it’s not limited to engagement rings. It can also be for necklaces and earrings. It’s a design template that continues to outshine all others. No matter how long it’s been traditional, it remains a perfect choice for a classic style. 👌

This style is so classic that an emoji can describe it. 💍 You read right. It's a single diamond set in one band. 

But it's not that simple as it looks. The difficult part is finding the perfect diamond to match the band.

As you can see, it'll be the automatic center of attention. 💎 So you have to find the diamond that best describes her personality and fits her style.

But no worries, you'll never go wrong with Solitaire if she's into classics.

This style will remain on her finger regardless of the occasion. It never ruins any outfit! 💃

I mean, do you also like it when she always removes the ring because it doesn't go well in her dress or event? How would you feel if she happened to misplace it? 🤕

Besides, it's meant to be forever on her finger, isn’t it?

Tip: a solitaire engagement ring is a classic style that suits active women. If your girl is a teacher, an athlete, or someone engaged in outdoor activities, this is the best style for her.

Imagine having a teacher with a glamorous ring that has more than one stone. It's either you'll get distracted or someone from your class eyes it for evil interest. 😬

If both of you love jogging and gym, but you still want to see her wear the ring, solitaire is the way to go. 🏃‍♀️

Unlike other styles that have smaller stones on the band, the simple band in solitaire will not annoy her. Like, imagine lifting a weight with diamonds around your finger. Dude, that hurts. 😖

The simple band will save her from the pain and still look beautiful because of the single diamond. ✨

Hence, the solitaire engagement ring is the most classic style because it's not complicated. So if you want to save yourself and your future wife from hassle, start looking for this style!


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