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Top 3 Unique Hidden Halo Moissanite Engagement Rings

Are you a fan of mystery? Does the buildup of suspense in movies give you goosebumps plus a crazy adrenaline rush?



If yes, you'll thoroughly enjoy the intrigue of having a hidden halo on your ring! Hidden halos are perfect for people who want a ring with a halo but are looking for something non-traditional and unique! If this sounds like you, we’d like to take you on an adventure! We’ll share six fantastic engagement ring options with you, and all you have to do is pick three that you like! Easy, no? 😊 


First Pair of Exceptional Designs

Jade by Leyloon

And the category is…spectacularly vintage! 

No cap, Jade takes the crown of all the vintage engagement rings we have created so far! 

Two-tone engagement ring with a three-carat moissanite center. The hidden halo is part of the center stone setting so if you blink, you can easily miss it. That’s what makes it so unique! 



"I saw Jade on a sponsored ad online about a year ago, and I had been saving up for it ever since. My girlfriend has always been a sucker for all things vintage, and this ring was as vintage as it gets! Needless to say, she loved it so much and everyone that sees it says they haven't seen a design quite like it. I'd say that I 100% recommend it, but I don't want a lot of people buying it so that my girl's piece can stay rare and unique. I know that's selfish but it is what it is! 😅😆🤭" 

- Frank, Missouri




Cushion Moissanite Engagement Ring with Halo Insert by Lauren B Jewelry 

We cannot get enough of this signature wrap engagement ring design from LB! It comes with a halo enhancer that transforms the design from a simple halo to 'Hello, I’m the queen, make way for me!' The halo enhancer not only adds a seamless double edge halo around the center-stone but also a nice split to the band. 100% customizable to fit your personal budget and preference.



“The halo insert really did it for me! There aren’t a lot of rings with a design like this out there, which makes it so unique. It’s like having two different rings for the price of one. Service was great too.”

- Reagan T., Ohio



Next we have the wonderful Natalia going up against Miss Cushion Petite Bezel by Moissanite Co.

Natalia by Leyloon



No one is ready for the wonderful pop of color that the peekaboo rubies on Natalia bring! 🔴❤💖💖 “Ruby is my birthstone (July baby) but I didn’t want a ring with colored center stone. My sweet husband found a way to still incorporate it in my engagement ring while still maintaining that classic white look. I love it!”

 - Emmanuelle, Phoeniz, AZ.


Cushion Moissanite Petite Bezel Engagement Ring by Moissanite Co.

Another cushion engagement ring makes the list and we’re excited! 



“We met on a train in Paris where we had both taken a solo trip after bad breakups. We got off at the same station only to realize that we were staying at the same hotel! That night, we walked through the magnificent streets of Paris discussing love, family, education, politics, food, pets... everything we could think of! When we got to the Eiffel Tower, he said, "This is the perfect proposal location, I'm just missing the perfect girl." Then he looked at me and smiled. Five years later, he proposed to me in front of the Eiffel Tower on our anniversary and it was such a full circle moment! 💞💌” 

- Ariadna, Chicago, IL



Last but certainly not least, is Dana by Leyloon and Catalina by Best Brilliance!

Dana by Leyloon

A beautiful ring with a spinning hidden halo? Yes, please! You know she makes your world spin, so what's more poetic than a ring with a spinning hidden halo? 



“I have always known that my soulmate was out there, just one person that was meant for me. Who would have thought that I would find him on Tinder? Last week, he proposed to me with this wonderful ring and I said yes!”

- Echo, Michigan




Catalina by Best Brilliance



"Amazing Ring!" I chose this ring to propose to my girlfriend with and she loved it on the spot!

- Fransisco L

And now friends, the time for your voice to be heard is now! We can’t wait to hear which engagement ring did it for you, let us know in the comment section below! 

Till next time! 


Hidden Halo Design Moissanite
Top 3 Unique Hidden Halo Moissanite Engagement Rings (U're 👋)

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