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Will My Earring Holes Close up Overnight?

I assume that you've pierced your recently.

Wearing earrings during your sleep might make you feel uncomfortable.

So, that's why you will want to remove them.

But, will your earring holes close up overnight?



Here's all you need to know:

  1. If you pierced your ears 6 weeks ago or longer then they won't close up overnight. 
    Only one night is too little time for the ear lobe to close.
    So, feel free to remove your earrings for a few hours.

  2. But, you don't want to wait for too long.
    Putting them back can be painful. 

  3. Also, be careful when dealing with newly pierced earrings(Less than 6 weeks).
    They can close pretty fast, so you are advised not to remove your earrings at all. 
    Also Keep cleaning them a couple times a day for the first few months until they get completely healed.
    This will keep you away from infection.



That's all you need about closing up your earrings overnight. 

If you have more questions, ask in the comment section.

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  • Dear Rasheed, yes you can. If you feel like they’re healed, then you can even leave them out for 2 or 3 days.

  • Hi, I have had my earrings in for 2 years. I’ve gotten my ears re-pierced 2 times (for each ear) and I really don’t want that to happen again. I REALLY don’t want to re-pierce by earrings again. I was wondering how long you would say I’d be able to leave them out from time to time without feeling any pain when I put them back in. Thank you! :)

  • I had my ears pierced for a little over 2 months will I be able to take them out overnight?

  • Hi Meena, please visit a professional or a doctor for better advise on that.

  • I pierced my 2nd lobes a few days ago but i’ve realised my left lobes are quite uneven to the right and now i want to re pierce them. If i take them out right now how long until i could re pierce them ?


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