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How Popular Is Moissanite?

If you know a thing or two about girls or I mean your girl, you must know that they are usually of 2 kinds.✌️ One would like to possess everything that is famous and popular. While others would go for the unique things, that can let them tell the story behind. 😊


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How popular is Moissanite? It is a valuable question you need to know! I mean if your girl is in love with popular stuff, she would love to brag about her ring! And, let’s say if she is from the 2nd clan, she would love to know the story behind how Moissanite got or is getting popular. Perspective, bro, perspective? 

How Popular Is Moissanite?

Is moissanite becoming more popular?

I've collected some facts to show you what the statistics say about people searching "moissanite" on Google.

The Moissanite trend has been very solid through the years. Especially in the past five years people are searching more and more about it. The number of people searching for it has doubled compared to the last decade.


This data shows that moissanite is very popular in the United States. It's the #1 most moissanite demanding country. Canada is the #2 and Australia #3. Qatar and Singapore are the #4 and #5 but they're very closely curious as much as Australia.

Is moissanite becoming more popular?


Moissanite VS Diamond Popularity 

Here's another comparison of the popularity of moissanite vs diamond.

This time I used the data of the United States only. You can see that almost when 65 people search "diamond", 2-5 of people search for "moissanite". That means diamond demand is 13 of times is more than moissanite. 


Is moissanite becoming more popular?


Is Moissanite Worth It?

Moissanite is a precious stone and is very valuable. The technology of creating moissanite has been a breakthrough for many industries. Because such qualities are very rare in nature. There's a lot of things that can affect your moissanite value.


Moissanite as a material:

Moissanite creation requires huge machinery that can focus a lot of heat and pressure in one little spot. They simulate the process of earth creating diamond to create a situation where they can create moissanite. This is a fraction of comparison compared to earth itself. But still something that before that was only possible by the earth itself. And now we can create it too. A diamond may take thousands or millions of years to get created inside earth. But moissanite creation with those machinery takes only around a few months.

Moissanite jewelry as art:

Art created by human hands is something that can never go down in value. The meaning or the story of the items multiply their worth as time goes by.

What type of meaning can a moissanite jewelry have?

For example if a lovely and popular person wants to sell his or her jewelry, their fans, loved ones, friends, family members, etc.. would pay much more for the jewelry than its material. 

Many fans would do anything to be like their role model. A jewelry received from a family member has special meanings.

I remember a long time ago one day when I was working, I lost the ring that my brother gave me. I tried very hard to find it, but I couldn't. I felt very bad. Later on I was thinking why was it so valuable to me? Then it came to my mind that whenever my brother traveled somewhere to have fun, always brought me something interesting and valuable. He did that to tell me that he always thought of me when he was having a lot of fun.


What type of story can a moissanite jewelry carry?

The times that we present jewelry to each other are very special. Jewelry giving/gifting has a lot to do with loyalty. If you're not loyal to a person in a certain context, you'd never think of giving them a piece of jewelry. That means those moments that you spend together make some special feelings and memories. Those stories and memories associated with that time would increase the value of your jewelry for you dramatically. It's a lot of value to them to the point that many people never sell or get rid of until they pass it on.



Where Did Moissanite Come From? 💌

Moissanite was discovered back in 1893 while examining some rock samples by a French scientist. It was believed back then that it was diamond but when some tests were carried out, it was revealed that it has some different properties and it can be created in the lab. In comparison to some other gemstones like rubies and diamonds which have been around for millions of years, this is definitely something new and many people are still finding out about it to this day! 🤯

After all, how many years has it really been taking off for? Just a few decades! It still needs a lot of time to gain some extreme popularity and growth. However, in recent years, it has been getting famous quite fast and many people are choosing to use this beautiful stone for their engagement rings! 🤗 Why is that? Well, it's because it does look like a diamond a lot but has some other cool properties.

One of the main facts that made it very popular was the fact that it sparkles more than a diamond and has a higher refractive index, as well! A Moissanite stone is famous for being very sparkly and creating a disco effect all over! ✨

Is Popularity Even Important?

Yes, for many many people around the globe, this is quite important. If your girl is the type who likes attention, fame, and popularity, diamond is a better option. 💎 Moissanite is more of a hidden gem that many people still don't know about. It's like a secret gem that is getting famous over time. But it can’t be ignored that Moissanite has definitely set a strong foot in the realm of engagement rings! 🤗 Whenever a diamond ring is in question, the second name that pops up is a moissanite ring.

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Vanessa and Her Exciting Little Moissanite Story  ✨

"I've worn this beautiful gemstone all my life and it has been a ride! Many people come to ask me if it's a diamond and when I tell them that it's actually a Moissanite, they stare at me in surprise! It really feels like a secret between me and my husband which always makes us giggle up", Vanessa adores her engagement ring and the kind of secret truth it holds. I could even see that ultimate excitement all over her face. 🥰 Good thing I also started asking her how much she loves her diamond ring? 💍

Like many other things, the popularity of a Moissanite is also a kind of subjective. I mean you can see A LOT of groups debating and chatting about it on the internet because its lovers have been multiplied since 2015 till now. But, I mean in no way can anyone totally compare the popularity between a Moissanite and a diamond. 😎

Generally, Moissanite does accompany diamonds everywhere else now! Especially in the question where people look for a perfect diamond alternative. 😏 On average in every 100 people, 11 would prefer Moissanite over diamonds. It's while many new people are discovering Moissanite day by day. Many people would like to buy moissanite because it’s more sparkly. Some like it because they can get bigger stones with their money. 


The status shows that as moissanite gains in popularity everyday, diamonds get less demand. In other words, some parts of the market are slowly but consistently shifting towards the man made precious stones. 


Keep in mind that always some people would go with natural diamonds no matter what.


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