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Top 3 Under $3000 Halo Moissanite Engagement Ring

You have finally decided!! 🎉🎉. After nervously fretting over the cherry on top of the cake - the cake being your proposal - you know that a Halo Moissanite ring is the one you want. Good idea💡. Moissanite is well accompanied by a halo design, letting the gemstone shine on your special day🔆. 


So, in service of your love and dedication to your significant other, we have compiled a list of the best 3 sets of Halo Moissanite engagement rings, all under $3000!

We hope that you rest easy as you begin your new life with a wonderful gift, or celebrate the major milestones of your life🧡.


Set 1: Isabelle by Leyloon and Kobelli Forever Engagement Ring


Isabelle by Leyloon



If this ring speaks to you, it’s because you, like many established lovers, know that an engagement is greater than the sum of its parts👫. Much like lovers brought under the fold of love, the split in this ring is brought together by the halo, featuring the magnificent moissanite gemstone as its crown.


‘I wanted something that was chic and traditional at the same time. I really like the gemstones over the shanks that ultimately meet this gorgeous gemstone. I can say I was initially nervous, but all that excitement has now been replaced by the joy I feel wearing this ring. Can’t thank my future husband enough for this beautiful gift!’ - Lindsey

 We wish you a wonderful future, Lindsey!


Kobelli Forever Engagement Ring




This classic ring features a striking moissanite gemstone.  If you want a traditional design to show off that wonderful gemstone in the center that you have decided to feature on your special day, then this is the design for you! 

As Annalisa, says in her enthusiastic review:

‘Our expectations were high but they were well surpassed, both in terms of customer experience and the quality of the product. The ring caught the eye of so many of my friends and family. The gemstone is as beautiful as any diamond you have seen!’

Set No. 2: Dana by Leyloon and Moissanite Halo Diamond Ring by Brilliant Earth


Arabella by Leyloon



First, from Leyloon, this halo bridal set masterpiece manifests subtly, elegance, and grace?. If you want to channel the tender, sweet, and subtle flavors of your love and devotion, get this ring!

‘I had spent too many hours looking for the perfect engagement ring set, hoping to find one that was simple yet perfect for my fiance. You cannot believe how relieved I was when I stumbled on this. I even think I yelled ‘That's her!’ when I saw it. I’m so glad Stacy felt the same way.’ - Dan


Moissanite Halo Diamond Ring by Brilliant Earth



You can feel the love in the ring, as its present but not the overwhelming halo of diamonds caresses the center gemstone, with a band that elegantly envelops the rest of the ring. It’s an eclectic mix between traditional and graceful. Dream ring for sure! 😍

 Here’s what James from Denver, CO had to say:

‘I bought this ring because it was a classic design that catches the eye -- exactly what I was looking for. I did a lot of research, read a lot of comments and suggestions, before buying this. All I can say is, if you have any reservations about the ring being too big on the sides or heavy, you should forget about them. It’s stunning and my fiancé said she couldn’t love it more’ - Elijah



 Set No. 3: Brielle by Leyloon and Forever One Oval Moissanite Halo by Charles & Colvard


Brielle by Leyloon



While our last set of rings in this list is definitely not the least, it is definitely the most different💕.


Firstly, coming to us from us at Leyloon, this elegant and modern ring, which features a vintage and halo gemstone setting, showcases the moissanite in the center. Simple yet modern, this ring can grace all-important and joyous occasions in your life🙌🙌!

‘I have always gone for more traditional rings in my experience so imagine my anxiety when I ordered this wonderful ring. All the anxiety went up in the air once I wore it on my finger. The rose gold looks luscious in person, and is definitely a unique color when talking about engagement rings. Can’t be happier with the purchase!’

- Alyssa

Forever One Oval Moissanite Halo by Charles & Colvard



And finally, from Charles & Colvard, this magnificent halo features a gemstone in the center, that flows over to the bands like an overflowing fountain. If you want a modern ring that openly declares you love, and keeps it chic, this is it!

‘I cannot rave enough about this ring, honestly. The way that colors disperse in the ring, the clarity, quality, and size of the gemstone - it’s all great to look at. I was very nervous about this purchase, but all that nervous is gone now. I’m so happy!’ - Natalie



So there you have it: the best set of rings that 3000$ can buy?. Whether you want vintage, modern, or a mix of new, you’ll find each of these qualities in each of the rings listed above. Our only advice is to let your heart take your lead (and to try on the rings if you can). And of course let us know in the comments below what you chose and why you chose it!


We love hearing from you! :)


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Top 3 Under $3000 Halo Moissanite Engagement Ring (U're 👋)


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