Is Sterling Silver Considered Fine Jewelry?

This has been a common question among people who are considering to buy sterling silver jewelry instead of gold or platinum.

Fine jewelry pieces do not only mean pieces made out of solid platinum or solid gold.

They can also be pieces made of sterling silver and other precious metals.

Is Sterling Silver Considered Fine Jewelry?

These are pieces that are doubtlessly more durable and more valuable than any ordinary fashion jewelry pieces.

They may tarnish but can easily be cleaned to go back to their original shine.

They get broken too but can easily be repaired.

I already talked about how much is 925 sterling silver worth.

Those that are not considered fine jewelry easily tarnish and don’t go back to their original shine and brightness even when thoroughly cleaned.

In most cases, they are irreparable too.

Is sterling silver considered fine jewelry?

The answer is yes, it is.

But, is sterling silver cheap?

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