Is Sterling Silver Cheap?

Among all the precious metals, gold and platinum are known to be the most valuable ones.

So, is sterling silver cheap?

Well, the answer is yes and no.

Yes, sterling silver is cheaper than gold and platinum.

But, no, they can’t be considered cheap.

Is Sterling Silver Cheap?

Similar with gold and platinum, sterling silver is a good investment too because its value also appreciates with time.

(Consider that it could count investment if you don't buy it as an art.

I mean pure silver like bullion and coins.)

Let’s go back to our example wherein a 26-gram sterling silver necklace costs $13.

Do you know that this necklace can be appraised to more than $13?


Designs and producing cost add up.

Well, in most cases, sterling silver jewelry pieces indeed have an artistic value or are made by well-known jewelers.

This goes to show that sterling silver pieces certainly don’t come cheap at all.


Is Sterling Silver Cheap?

Now that you know how it's worth calculated, you should consider your economical situation and answer it yourself.

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