How to Tell If Silver Necklace Is Real? | Quick & Easy Guide

I was in the same doubt.

But, after researching I discovered how to really tell if a silver necklace is real or fake. 

Therefore to make it easier for you guys I gathered a few tips and tricks that solves your problem.

You don't have to be a professional to determine if it is real of fake.

All you need are the following secrets tricks!

How to Tell If Silver Necklace Is Real?

  • A real silver necklace has a 925 stamp.
    Look for a tiny “925” or “S925”.
    In most of the cases, you can find the number stamped on the clasp.
    Take a magnifying glass and look for it.
    This means that the content of pure silver is 92.5%.

    Pure silver is a soft metal, so it is mixed with other metals.

  • Another sign of fake silver is a green or black stain on your skin.
    Real silver won’t interact with your skin.
    Cheap costume jewelry has copper.
    It reacts with sweat and oils and creates copper salts.

    These will leave green marks with unpleasant smell on your skin.

  • Test your necklace with a magnet.
    Sterling silver doesn’t show any magnetic properties.

    Fake silver will be attracted to the magnet.

  • Look for signs of flaking.
    Silver-plated jewelry will flake, while real won’t.

Not sure how to tell if silver necklace is real? 

I bet you know since then.

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