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How long does it take for sterling silver jewelry to tarnish?

When a customer asks this question, you may see that there are different answers to this particular question.

But you must know that tarnishing silver jewelry doesn’t occur quickly in pure silver.

How long does it take for sterling silver jewelry to tarnish?

How long does it take for sterling silver jewelry to tarnish

Tarnishing sterling silver may take from 2 months to 3 years.

It all depends on your environment and the way you take care of your sterling silver jewelry. 

Some jewelry companies like us, put a layer of gold, platinum, or rhodium on the sterling silver jewelry.

In that way, your jewelry won't tarnish.

Tarnishing sterling silver jewelry usually takes much time for most people, and when this happens, it does not mean that this is a low quality jewelry or you can't clean it.


In other words it's not a big deal.

There're a lot of easy ways to clean your silver jewelry at home.

I link to my favorite ones, make sure you check them out.

Now you know how long does it take for sterling silver jewelry to tarnish.

You have more questions about this?

Ask me in the comment section and I'll answer them quickly.


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  • Ayushi, it totally depends on the jewelry brand and you. If they put multiple layers of rhodium on them and you don’t scratch or damage the surface of the jewelry, it would take a few to several years. Cleaning your jewelry once a year would take you only 30 minutes. I have Sterling Silver bracelets without rhodium plating that still hasn’t tarnished after 2 years. The way you use the jewelry and the material it gets exposed to are very effective on tarnish too.

  • Barbara, well if you love it and wear it everyday, then go for better quality like gold. Not only it wouldn’t go black, you’d feel so much more comfortable and better about yourself. Sometimes the problem is so small but we over look it.

  • I have ordered one rhodium plated sterling silver necklace and i am doubtful that whether I should buy this or not….. Because I actually don’t know that after how long it will start tarnishing or wearing out it’s coat
    Plz help

  • I bought chains from jtv one day they turn dark how to clean it keep from tarnishing I wear mine every day

  • Vanard, do you use any kind of sunscreen, cream or lotion around your neck? 🤔 Chemicals and even water maybe the cause. I don’t exactly know how you keep your silver jewelry. 😊


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