Does Sterling silver tarnish in the shower?

The next big thing that comes forward even if after all this is Yes, your sterling silver jewelry may get tarnished but not so fast as you are thinking of.

So, to make things suitable for you and to keep it safe, remember to take off the jewelry before taking showers.

Actually a lot of my customers ask me does Sterling silver tarnish in the shower?

Does Sterling silver tarnish in the shower?

And this is my full answer.

When you wear any silver jewelry for daily use, you need to take care of that in an excellent manner.

This is because if you don’t want your sterling silver jewelry to get tarnished, then you need to make sure by following things.

  • Prevent it from chemical solutions.
  • Keep away from salt water.
  • Check the environment in which you work.
  • Don’t apply cosmetic items over the silver.

If your sterling silver jewelry is already tarnished, make sure you read this blog which I explain how you can make your sterling silver jewelry shiny again quickly at home without any costs.

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