Why do fake earrings hurt my ears

Fake earrings hurt sensitive ears because of too much nickel that is mixed in its alloy.

According to Med Broadcast metal hypersensitivity is a disorder of the immune system. 

It is a common condition that affects 10% to 15% of the population.

It can produce a variety of symptoms.

Fake earrings will hurt some ears or it may also cause:

  • A red rash

  • Itching, which may be severe

  • Dry, cracked, scaly skin

  • Bumps and blisters, sometimes with oozing and crusting

  • Swelling, burning or tenderness

Why do fake earrings hurt my ears

Fake earrings hurt your ears because they contain nickel, & it's one of the most frequent allergens, causing significant local contact dermatitis (skin reddening and itching).

It's depends on the person, and you could have allergy to other metals as well.

First Tip:

  • If you've got sensitivity to many things, chances are that earrings that contain nickel is the first thing that you should avoid. 

  • I'd always recommend talking to your doctor and get some tests to figure out the exact metals that you're sensitive to.

Now that you know why fake earrings hurt your ears, you should do two things.

Firstly, share this, because so many people don't know that have sensitive ears.

And secondly, read my other important article.

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