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Is Sterling Silver Good for Sensitive Ears

Yes, sterling silver is good for sensitive ears.

But only the nickel free sterling silver is good for sensitive ears.

Because silver jewelry is a composition of other metals (as pure silver is usually too soft for earring posts).

925 sterling silver means 92.5% pure silver.

Is Sterling Silver Good for Sensitive Ears

You should make sure your choice doesn't contain nickel.

For example a good sterling silver earring for sensitive ears contains 92.5% pure silver & the other other 7.5% is other type of hypoallergenic material.

In some of our jewelry, we use copper for the other 7.5%.

So that it's less likely to irritate your sensitive ears. 

Is Sterling Silver Good for Sensitive Ears

Unless you know that you're allergic to copper like nickel.

Other jewelry brands use nickel for the 7.5% and that make people think that sterling silver is not good for sensitive ears.

Check out our Sterling Silver Hypoallergenic Stud Earrings now.

What Type of Earrings to Wear for Sensitive Ears

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