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Have you figured out what inspirational gift you are going to her yet? Graduation time for your niece is just about. 
Graduations are truly emotional times, as one is initiated into a different phase of life .
It is a mark of accomplishment that one needs appreciation for . It is usually a celebration time full of inspiration. It also carries a positive promise for the future.
I look at graduations with a lot of admiration.

I have been through this life transition phase. I therefore understand how precious these moments are .
A good gift indicates how proud you are of your niece .
In this article, I am going to explore seven (7) gifts that you may consider buying.


The Presley Earrings


I am fascinated by these gingko-inspired earrings that are hand engraved. The ginkgo leaf-shaped symbolism evokes emotions of longevity and to some extent, durability.
The ginkgo fossils are the known oldest living species. Adorning them exhibits your love for vintage metals, or designs that sets you apart from the rest. It inspires vitality and rejuvenation.
It also transforms one into a blossoming queen, beaming with new life, happiness and fashion.
The sterling silver and the gold plates make it sparkling and durable (reduced tarnishing). It is a worth metal to buy for your niece. Also note that these rings are nickel-free (no allergies!), lustrous, and strong .


A Charity Event


In the family, there could be that one family member who is so passionate about charity events. If that family member is the nice who is graduating, then this choice will really touch her heart. It will remain etched in her memory for ages.
You can identify a life pro-saving event in your area and help her donate towards it. This could also be an event that brings people together where your niece will give a speech. You could also lead her in planting trees as a way of conserving and promoting green energy .


The Brooke Honeycomb Necklace


Bees are usually associated with hard work, love, fidelity, wealth and good luck.
This is a perfect gift for your niece. Apart from making her stand out, it also shows your perception of her. Your gift bag should not miss this valuable and steampunk gemstone.
It is exquisitely sculpted out of genuine sterling silver. It is then gold plated with a luminous and luxurious gold.
This graceful and enthralling gem cuts a queenly and divine figure. It brings forth the flowing serenity and fashion setter elements.
I have had the privilege of owning this precious stone. I can tell you that it is an amazing stuff, worth your time and money.


The Last Lecture By Randy Pausch


This is my most preferred inspirational book .
It is a book that was written by Randy after he was diagnosed with a terminal illness . He redefines life from his deathbed, a last lecture indeed.
The writer, Randy, promises to focus on life-elevating messages. He tries not to paint gloomy and cold life simply because he is on his last hours of life.
This book offers some of the most inspiring lessons. These lessons may not have been told by teachers in school. It is super-short book that one can read to just enjoy the messages and shape their outlook on life.
It is a book I keep recommending for the graduates. I find it most inspirational and most motivational that one cannot miss in their library.


Yoga Retreat By The Beach In Bintan



School days are usually demanding and energy-sapping. Waking up early, sleeping late, cramming papers, and sitting in class is not easy. It requires rejuvenation of the body to calm the body down. Yoga is the best answer to all this .
Why not try this rejuvenating exercise at the idyllic Bintan Beach in Singapore? Just to spice up the experience.
Bintan is not just popular. It is an affordably ideal vacation destination where you can do your Yoga, relax and reflect.
Club Med Bintan strikes as the best because it offers an all-inclusive package that includes resort transfers, food, drinks, accommodation, and selected activities .


Sonos One Wireless Speaker


For the lovers of music , this speaker brings in the beauty that you always look for.
It connects with other Sonos speakers in other rooms. This helps you to expand music to other rooms, creating a music atmosphere that is adorable.
A single Sonos speaker can play music and help you keep abreast with news. It also helps you manage other smart devices.


Bose Quietcomfort Wireless Headphone


This headphone cannot just crap out. It is an ideal gift for the grad.
It is designed with the world-leading noise cancellation technology. This shields you off the world . They also help you eliminate the unnecessary outside sound or filter what you want to hear.
The design is just awesome. It simply exhibits maturity that your niece just needs at this time.
It is a wonderful gift that will leave a long lasting taste.


All in all, your niece deserves a gift that will elevate her spirit. It should be a gift that says “Well done!”.

So, get prepared, plan and buy from this list. You will not regret it.

Feel free to ask any questions and please share this blog with your friends if you find it helpful.

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