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3 Best Fashion Earrings for Thick Earlobes

These earrings make your earlobes look elegant like god.

The earrings that I'm about to share with you today can fit comfortably on any kind of thick earlobes.

You’re lucky because they’re all on trend these years.

No doubt that the three of them are stunning and you're going to have a problem choosing only one of them as your favorite one.


Is your earlobe red, bloody or itchy?

This content is only for entertainment. Make sure you visit a doctor as soon as possible. You should keep any kind of infection away by rubbing alcohol at least 3 times a day. 

I should mention that the style of the earrings only brings you comfort to some extent. You might be allergic to nickel. Many people are allergic to it. And many of the cheap jewelry on the market contains it. For such people that are around 20% of the population, we always suggest hypoallergenic nickel free earrings only.

Best Fashion Earrings for Thick Earlobes:



Most people with thick earlobes have less pressure or irritation when they wear:

  • Earlobe Butterfly Screw Back Stud Earrings
  • Threader Earrings or Drop Chain Earrings
  • Drop Hook Earrings


You're gonna have to try different ones and see which one works best for you...

Some styles might look good but too heavy, some others may look okay but so small. I'm not getting into your dressing taste, culture or occasion...


Earlobe Butterfly Screw Back Stud Earrings

No matter how thick your earlobe is, they let you adjust the tightness of your earrings accordingly. 

These earrings gently make your thick earlobes look cute without any irritation. The flat surface that touches your ear can improve your sensitivity.



Leyloon, Etsy, Amazon

Threader Earrings or Drop Chain Earrings

This one obviously is a crazy choice. Not one, not two or not 3, it kills many birds with one stone. Including all the birds in your mind. 😀

If you have two or more holes in your ear, then you have a long way to find out the ways you can wear these ones with their long chain.

As you can tell this is their long chain that makes them so flexible and comfortable.



Leyloon, Amazon, Google Shopping

Drop Hook Earrings

Drop Hook Earrings have roots in the history of humanity. 

They can be seen anywhere in different cultures and historical statues. 

If you follow the clue, you’ll come out from some holes that you could’ve never imagined. If you want me to tell the historical hook earrings stories then let me know in the comments.

Anyways that’s why I chose a special one as the example for you.



Leyloon, Etsy, Google Shopping

Closing Words

Not every kind of fashion earrings for thick earlobes work out.

The earrings that I handpicked for you may do the job for you. But when they do, they boost your confidence. 


Let me know about your experience with your thick earlobes and earrings in the comments. 


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