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Types of Engagement Ring Shank Styles & Band Designs

If you look at google search result for engagement ring types you get confused with miss representation. That makes the confused mind more confused. 😐

But I'm here to say that it's over. 

You're visiting the most completed List and infographic ever made to represent the types of engagement ring shank styles and band designs.💍 

We divided the 18 designs into 4 small categories so you know them in seconds. 👍

After you know them, read more of interesting stories, facts and figures about them. Find out which engagement ring shank design suits you the best. 🎿


  • 9 Main Shank Styles:

Full Round



Knife Edge

Flat Edge


Wide Band

Thin Band

Thick Band


  • 2 Enhancements:

Reverse Tapered (Pinched)



  • 4 Splits:

Reverse Split Shank

Split Shank

Wide Split Shank

Infinity Shank 


  • 3 Techniques:


Filigree Shank




1)Half Round Shank

“ When I started looking for an engagement ring, I knew the ring band was a more critical part of the ring. Even though carat, stones, and stone shapes are essential when hunting for a ring, your comfort matters the most. I had this pinned in my head and started digging in more about ring bands and shanks; I came across a ring that I liked more than the others. I saw the term “Half-Round” in the description of this piece. I was initially a little skeptical, so I had discussions with others in an online chat community; it was a relief to see so many positive remarks about this style with experienced individuals. I discussed this with my Fiance, and he got me down the ring. When I tried it on, It was a comfort-fit on the insides, and I must say it’s very light-weight, and I have no problem wearing it at all.”




2) Dome Shank

 “ I recently got married to the love of my life, and he proposed to me with a gorgeous ring with a Dome Shank, for those of you who are not aware what a Dome Shank is; it is a ring band with a convex-shaped outer surface and a flat inner surface. It is also called a Low Dome Shank. I love the way it looks on my fingers; I have long fingers and prominent knuckles. I feel like my hands are too skinny, but this ring proportions everything and gives my hand a feminine touch, it is ironic because some people may think that Dome Shanks are only for men, but with the right stone and style, a Dome Shank looks good on anybody. Not to mention the fact it is extremely comfortable to wear all day long”

- Jessica Thomas-


3) Full round Shank

“I don’t know much about ring bands, The only band I know is the simple Round Shank ones. I am only used to wearing rings with a Full Round Band throughout my teenage years and early twenties. One of my favorite rings is not my engagement ring, and I used to wear it almost every day and never have felt like I am even wearing one that has a Round Band. So when I started trying on rings, I knew what I was looking for. My engagement ring is a simple and dainty solitaire ring with a Round Band. I went for a similar style that I am used to wearing, and I am glad I did. I have nothing to complain about a Round Shank Band ring so far.”



4) Flat Edge Shank

I am a massive fan of the Flat Edge Shanks myself; I am glad my fiance proposed to me with a ring with a Flat Edge band. I like how it’s not too thin, and the Flat Edges give it a sturdy, polished look. Some of my female friends asked me for suggestions about what band style they should go for; I’ve always recommended them a flat edge just because they are elegant and feminine to look at and are incredibly comfortable to wear. What more could You ask for? My proposal was a surprise, My fiance chose the ring style, the carat, and the stone all by himself, but I wouldn’t change a thing even if I were the one to pick a ring for myself.


5)Knife Edge Shank

“ As someone who has been wearing a Knife Edge Shank every day for two years, I must say this isn’t the most comfortable ring shank in the world. I have a love-hate relationship with a Knife-Edge Shank. I love this ring because they are so unique and sharp to look at, but a Sharp Edge means they are a little uncomfortable when you squeeze your fingers together. I am not a jewelry person, so adjusting to wearing a ring like this was a struggle initially, but I have grown used to how they feel between my fingers with time. I have got a lot of compliments for this band since they enhance the radiance of the stone. So choosing a Knife Edge Shank, I would say, is like wearing stilettos; they are sexy and bold like no other shoes, but you have to deal with the blisters now and then.”   


6) Flat Shank

“  I am immensely proud to say that I chose the perfect style for her. When guys pick a ring, they usually look at the stone, the details, and the ring’s overall look. Knowing Bethanny for six years, I knew I had to choose something comfortable for her to wear. She is the kind of person who will choose to wear pajamas the whole day, just because she found it comfortable; Yes, it is always about comfort over her style. Being the clumsiest girl, she has to be durable and also stylish in every way. One of our family friends suggested to me a ring with a Flat Band. I found it as a suitable choice; it is an emerald-cut ring with a french paved Flat Shank. I proposed to her on New Year’s eve; she loved the ring and was pleased with its comfort. If you are looking for the perfect ring, guys, make sure it is something comfortable for her to wear for the rest of her life.” 


- Luke. 


7) Thick Band Shank

“ I personally find thick band engagement rings as an attractive statement piece. Even though I ruined Tim’s surprise by accidentally finding out that he would propose to me, the good thing that came out of the whole situation is that I got to incorporate my preferable styles into my engagement ring. I am a massive fan of the emerald cut eternity bands because they are chunky and draw attention right away. I wanted a similar effect with my engagement ring. I know some people find Thick Bands uncomfortable, but they complement long and slender fingers so well, and I think a little bit of discomfort is worth it; in the end, you get used to it. But I would still say it is not for everyone.”


8) Thin Band Shank

“ When Jacob proposed to me, I was over the moon; I always wanted something simple and down to earth, and my ring was perfect for me. Thin bands are always the first choice of ladies who happen to love dainty and simple jewelry. But everything nice comes with a price. When it comes to Thin bands, you have to be extra cautious since they can easily crack or bend with the slightest carelessness; over the years, this has been a struggle for me. I love Thin Bands because they are very lightweight, and most of the time, it feels like you are wearing a thread.  I have small hands, and thin bands suit me the most. I know there are plenty of styles out there, so it is always better to choose a ring keeping your lifestyle in mind, it is certainly not for the rough uses”


 -Stella Johnson-


9) Wide Band Shanks

“Five years ago, Harold proposed to me on a random day, no knees, no cheesy lines of poetry, not even  “will you marry me?” Just the ring accompanied by a question, “so what do you think.” I loved him so much I said yes without thinking about it much. We got married, bought a house, and started a family. But he always used to tell me how he could have proposed better than he did. Last summer, he proposed to me again, and he did it on our vacation to San Diego. He got me a new ring with a Wide Band and a bezel setting because this time he knew better about my likes and tastes. I had grown a passion for Wide Bands because they are bold and less common. I remember showing him some similar styles on Instagram; my sweet man took the hints and got me a ring that I really love. If you want to stand out in the crowd and not have to worry about your ring getting caught in between everything, a Wide Band Ring is what you need in your life.” 


-Laura  Harold-


Ring Enhancements

10) Reverse Tapered

“ I was randomly scrolling through Pinterest when a particular style caught my attention. I looked more into it and found it is a Reverse Tapered shank; I showed it to my boyfriend since we were looking for an engagement ring. He agreed with me, and he proposed to me in one of our little hikes. I was glad it was a Reverse Tapered Shank. It has a round center stone and side stones that shrink down in size as it reaches the center stone, this makes the central stone the focus of attention, and it is exactly what I was looking for.”  


-Nora. B-


11) Tapered Shank

“For someone who doesn’t know anything about rings and fashion, Henry, My fiance did a pretty good job choosing my engagement ring. When he slid the ring in my fingers, besides that, Niagara falls, I was taken back by the unique details in the ring. I couldn’t wait to get to our hotel room to inspect and find out more about this style. A Tapered Shank frames the center stone and provides it a secure resting place, It is quite comfortable, and I don’t have to worry about the band bending over time.”





12) Scalloped

“I never got the idea of a Plain Band, sure it worked for some people, but I find Plain Shanks too dull. Every perfect engagement ring becomes complete by its band. I wanted a boho style engagement ring with a starburst halo, and the scalloped halo makes all the difference in adding the perfect boho touch to it. I’ve seen scalloped halos with a modern touch, and I can assure you it feels like wearing glass in your hand; I like how it cuts down the look of metal as much as possible and replaces it with stones and sparkles. The more sparkle, the better! When Joan Proposed to me under a Christmas tree, the ring looked so unreal and breathtaking. I will always be a faithful fan of the Scalloped Bands, for they are so unique and gorgeous.” 


-Mary Anne-


13) Filigree 

“It is crazy how you gain inspiration from things that are most connected to your heart. Tiana and I have always been devotional fans of gothic, ancient architectures. We made sure we visited at least one famous site in history every year. We were awing at the unbelievable architecture of Notre Dame when it struck me that I should get her a ring with Filigree details that were close to our hearts. I looked more into this style and came across some ethereal choices, and it was a real challenge to choose the best. After five months of the long hunt, I finally found the perfect choice. I prayed she would love it too. I proposed to her in Paris, before the Eiffel tower. She gasped when she saw the ring. She gave me the tightest hug ever that made it clear; she loved the ring. My wife says it is very comfortable, despite having to spend a decent amount of time getting it cleaned every once in a while, but a Filigree Band is a magnificent choice for Art lovers.” 





14) Milgrain Shank

“ My fiance proposed to me with a Milgrain Shank. It adds the perfect touch of details and fills in all the empty spots. I love how Milgrain Bands add a vintage touch to even the modern rings. Jack, My fiance, told me he was torn between the contemporary and the vintage look, so he took advice from a jewelry assistant and went with a Milgrain band. I am a bit of both and I love how my ring captures my personality. Milgrain is made for fans of the vintage. Looks” 


- Diana


Split Shanks

15) Reverse Split shank

“ I was curious when I stumbled upon a ring with a Reverse Split Band on the website, It didn’t look too chunky, and it looked really charming on the model. I did a little research about it and ended up purchasing it for the proposal, She loved it. Anna, my fiance is a real estate agent, she is not someone who does heavy work like gardening, lifting and stuff, so this style really suits her since doesn’t have to get her hands dirty all the time.” 


- Marvin-


16) Infinity Shanks

“ Omg! Infinity Shanks, in my opinion, are the best. I am a sucker for  the quote from the book  Fault In Our Stars “some infinities are bigger than other infinities”. There is something about an engagement ring with a personal meaning , an Infinity sign that represents the universal symbol of infinite love is exactly what I felt about true Love. I loved how Zach incorporated this beautiful symbol in our engagement ring. Plus, I love lacy swirls with a little bit of skin showing in between, it makes the center stone special and captivating, comfort wise they are pretty comfortable and I have no any concerns. I am grateful for the love of my life for getting me something really special.” 


- Helen.A-


17)Wide Split Shank

“ William Proposed to me with a Wide Split Shank and with no time I fell in love with it. It looks like a perfect stack on my hand. I was in doubt about a thin band but a  Wide Split Band provides a better fit and it doesn’t look massive on my fingers; it is very noticeable but in a graceful way. When I take it off before going to bed, sometimes I notice a little ring mark, but other than it is fine.” 




18) Split Shank

“My bestie got engaged before me and I got a chance to learn a lot about engagement rings. I was lured to the Split Bands for the looks and the comfort. When it was finally my turn, I gave my fiance subtle hints about what I wanted in a ring, cheeky I know. He surprised me with a DisneyLand proposal and I screamed when I saw the Split Shanks. I love a good Split Shank and it suits my fingers so well while enhancing the cushion cut Diamond in the center. A split shank is in the middle ground between a classic and modern finish, the sole reason I love them” 


- Clara. M-

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