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When you wear jewelry of your choice, you also wear an inspiring feeling that is awesome.

A jewelry that comes with a hue that dazzles and weight that is light, may be? 

You pass by a stranger or a friend and you leave a feeling of ‘wow, she knows how to select necklaces, or bangles, or rings!’

I am a jewelry enthusiast and definitely know one or two things about it. My love for these gems turned me into some sort of maniac.

In today’s world, there is an abundance of jewelry that comes in a myriad of weights and colours. And these differences could be daunting for you. This is especially when you have to make a choice from the offerings available .

I have assembled, yes, assembled! a variety of these gemstones and the feeling I get when throw a glimpse at them is just out this world. Don’t you think I am therefore careful on what material to consider before buying a jewel?

Let us first understand what these two lustrous pieces of metal are…

Sterling Silver Vs. 10k White Gold

Are there differences between Sterling Silver and 10k White Gold?

When choosing between the two metals, I usually consider the following :

  • · Tarnish
  • · Durability
  • · Price
  • · Care

1. Tarnish

From experience, I have learnt why a durable jewelry is more attractive.

Always remember that sourcing a nice piece of jewelry is not an easy task plus the cost that comes with it.

And don’t get me wrong here .

You may not be buying this ring or bracelet or necklace for yourself!

Sterling Silver

  • It tarnishes fast
  • The copper added in the alloy reacts fast with humidity. It also reacts fast with any other reactive agents it may come into contact with.
  • This means that it loses its luster turning it into a not-so-adorable jewel

10K White Gold

  • This one does not tarnish quickly, it keeps its luster for a longer time.
  • Over time, the Rhodium plating over the gold alloy wears out because it is thin.
  • This wearing out causes this metal lose its colour.
  • This wearing out is caused by rubbing friction and other chemical agents. When it is worn out, it exposes the colour of the inner alloy.

2. Durability

As said earlier, sterling silver is softer than the 10K white gold.

From experience, you should not put these two jewelry items in a bag that has other metallic items. This is because they knock against each other causing scratches. Interestingly, sterling silver will be more scratched than the 10k white gold jewelry.

Do you intend to purchase a jewelry, say for example a ring that you want to pass down to your children as a sign of love?

Then Sterling Silver is the best bet for you. This can last for up to 30 years! While it may tarnish fast, it lasts longer than the 10K white gold, only that you need to restore its shininess.

3. Price

It goes without saying that silver is cheaper than gold. I am yet to find a store where prices for the two items favor silver.

What do you think?

However, many factors are likely to swing prices either way. Such factors may include:

  • Supply
  • Demand
  • Design
  • Brand, etc

4. Care

Sterling Silver requires more care because of its soft nature. It can get scratched easily and tarnishes fast.

Sadly, before you engage in household chores or garden work, it is wise to remove any sterling silver jewel .

Experience has taught me that frequent cleaning keeps your jewelry clean and shiny.

However, you need to clean the sterling silver ones more than the 10k white gold jewelry items.

925 Sterling Silver Specifications

  • Silver is a very soft metal and therefore, in its pure form, not fit for jewelry.
  • Sterling Silver is a pure silver metal that is mixed with copper. The resultant jewelry is a bright white akin to white gold.
  • Sterling Silver is an alloy metal whose purity level is at 92.5%.
  • The other 7.5% is Copper, which is cheaper but hardens the silver, making it jewelry friendly.

10k White Gold Specifications

  • Gold purity is measured based in Karats. The higher the karats, the softer the coveted metal is.
  • The purest Gold is measured at 24K (24 karats) and this is the softest form of gold.
  • 10K white gold has 41.67% of gold in the alloy.
  • Just like silver, pure gold is too soft for jewelry purposes.
  • To make gold jewelry, an alloy of Gold is preferred.
  • The most used are the yellow gold, white gold and rose gold.

Having this information is powerful . But let me tell you more about the major differences between the 10k white gold and sterling silver.

For starters, these two amazing metals look similar. This may pose a challenge when it comes to selecting between them (especially rings !)

Now that you know a bit about the two gems, which one can you buy?

I must tell you that the two gems are fabulous, and worth a space in your wardrobe.

Choosing between the two can be determined by different factors.

If you are looking for a gem that will last long, pocket-friendly, stunning, then go for Sterling Silver.

If you are class-conscious, and attach value to your money, go for the 10K White Gold jewelry.

There are the hybrid types too. These are ones that are sterling silver coated with gold.

If you get these ones, then you are a hybrid person who understands the value of both metals.

There you go, good luck as you choose the best for yourself or as a gift to your loved ones .

Would you want to know how to clean your Sterling Silver or 10K white gold jewelry? 

How to clean Sterling Silver Jewelry…

Cleaning my Sterling Silver has never been challenging.

I have learnt how to soak them when need be. I have also learnt that patience is key when it comes to cleaning these jewels. If you are patient, you will always achieve scintillating results. But remember to always follow the correct cleaning procedures.
I only need two items…

  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar

For you to remove tarnish from these jewels, use this mixture well.

But what is the cleaning process?

  1. Take two spoonfuls of baking soda
  2. Mix with ½ cup of white vinegar
  3. Soak your sterling silver jewelry in the mix for two to three hours
  4. Expect a bit of fizzing in the process
  5. Remove and rinse the jewelry using clean water
  6. Dry them using a soft towel to avoid scratching the jewelry

How to clean 10k White Gold Jewelry…

I have seen this process to be a bit cumbersome.

It requires patience and tact, but all is possible and practical.

You need the following items :

  • Mild soap (without reactive agents)
  • Warm water (you can add some drops of ammonia for quicker results)

What is the process then?

  1. Soak the gold jewelry in the warm mixture for 20-30 minutes
  2. Remove the jewelry form the solution and rub it in a clean, soft towel to remove dust or dirt
  3. You can use a soft brush to remove dirt too
  4. Rinse it in warm water, just to clear the jewelry and give its sparkling look
  5. Dry it using a soft towel to avoid scratching it

If the process is daunting, you can always use the available jewelry cleaners. This calls for caution though.

Always bear in mind that when you clean your jewels frequently, you guarantee them a long shiny life.

Closing Words

That's all you need to know about sterling silver vs 10k white gold.

It took me ages to prepare this blog for you guys.

If you learned anything new, do me a favor and share this blog.

Your friends may want to apply these as well.

Love you guys <3

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