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How to Measure Ring Size Women

Many women have asked me how to measure ring size at home.

Well, today you'll learn how to figure your ring size out in the matter of minutes.

No worries, you can't go wrong since I'm a great teacher.

Just Make sure you read this entire article.

Now let's see how women can measure their ring size at home with these simple steps.

How to Figure out Ring Size for Woman using String

How to Measure Ring Size Women


  1. Cut a 6-inch piece of light-colored, non-stretchy string such as yarn or twine.

  2. Covering the string around the base of finger, below the knuckle😃.

  3. Practice a pen to spot the string where the two ends overlap.

  4. Place the cord flat from corner to corner a ruler with the pen spot on the right.

  5. Memo the number on the ruler that's nearby to the pen mark. 
    This is ring size in inches or cm depending on your ruler.

  6. Equate the size in inches to a ring size graphic representation. 

Our fingers may shrink if they're cold.

If we're buying a ring as a gift, try asking the recipient's friends or family about her ring size.

Size 6 is the average women ring size.

Size 10 is the regular ring size for men.

Now that you know how to make a ring smaller with string, let's see what are the pros and cons of this method.

Pros of using string for measuring your ring size:

  • These small inserts of string are more discreet than plastic ring guards and may feel more secure.
  • They fit over the bottom of the band and fill excess space between our fingers and the ring.
  • Less expensive.😍
  • Need concentrations not the experience😊.


  • If more string used, it will look like the ring is over sized and seems to be bigger🤷‍♂️.
  • If extra string use, it can create difficulty for blood circulation😮.

Now you all women out there know how to measure your ring size.

Don't forget to share it if you find it valuable.

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