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3 Top 3 Stone Halo Moissanite Engagement Rings

A 3 stone halo moissanite engagement ring is the epitome of perfection. 🌟These rings add more twinkle to the ring. If you are looking for a gorgeously scintillating ring, then a 3 stone halo moissanite engagement ring is going to be your pick.

We have lined up 3 Top 3 stone halo Moissanite engagement rings for you in this article, so that it gets easier for you to choose among all those beautiful options that are available. Not only that, but these rings also provide you with the knowledge that you might need to understand the characteristics of 3 stone halo rings. So, without any further delay, let’s go through the list of glittering beauties! 👇


Set 1- Alexandria by Leyloon and Three Stone Halo Ring by Charles & Colvard

Alexandria by Leyloon



This classic low basket halo ring has three stones surrounded by halos. The extra stone with halos increases the sparkling ring. The French Pave 3 halos around the moissanite stone make the appearance of the ring unique and bold.

“Beautiful, beautiful beautiful! One look at the ring I get speechless! Truly a great work by the creator of this ring!”



Moissanite Three Stone Halo Ring by Charles & Colvard



The three-stone moissanite rings are enveloped by halos having stunning shine. The stones are held together by 4 prongs each. The paveed shanks with exquisite stones increase the shimmery effect of this engagement ring. 


“A three stone ring for engagement. I thought it was going to be a little too much. But no! This ring is perfect!”



Set 2 is of Nadia by Leyloon and Antique Scroll 3 Stone Halo Moissanite Ring by Moissanite Co.

Nadia by Leyloon



Nadia - a yellow gold ring has a very comforting look. The 3 stone halo with half paved split shanks and pave wrap for a gem setting gives a very attractive look to the ring. With a 0.5 carat round moissanite stone in the center and 3 stone halos, the ring looks very exquisite. ☺️

“The most beautiful ring I have ever come across while searching for the best one to propose to my partner. Thank you so much for creating a delicate 3stone halo moissanite ring named Nadia”



Antique Scroll Three-Stone Halo Moissanite Engagement Ring by Moissanite Co.



This 3 stone halo ring has round moissanite stones. The antique scroll accents design of this ring with four prongs holding a single stone, and a decent halo setting, makes this ring a unique masterpiece of art.

“An antique look to a 3 stone halo moissanite ring, what else could I ask for? It is like a dream true! I have been looking for a similar ring, and I cannot explain my happiness when my fiancée proposed to me with it.”



Set-4 The last set is of Cora by Leyloon and Princess 3 Stone Ring by Kobelli

Cora by Leyloon



This engagement ring has 1.5 carats round moissanite with three stone trellis halos encircling the stone. It is perfect for the girl who wants her ring to be simpler and stunning at the same time. All three stones are held by 4 round prongs, giving a very delicate finish to the ring.

“Cora by Leyloon made my job a lot easier to propose to my girlfriend. One look at the ring and she said Yes! Thank you so much Leyloon!”



Princess Moissanite Halo 3 Stone Engagement Ring by Kobelli



Kobelli outdid their jewelry collection by creating this scintillating beauty.  The princess cut moissanite stone in this ring is in a square shape, giving a very classic vintage look to the ring. The paved split shank gives a very decorative visual to the engagement ring.

“My fiancé and I absolutely love this ring. She's so smart. We had a project to find out her ring size without her knowing it. Long story short, it's so hard to find her ring size if she's a territorial person. Some of my attempts to find her existing ring size, triggered her instinct that I want something out of her stuff. Good that we got the ring quickly after that. I pulled the trigger and proposed to her before she thought more about my weird attempts. Thanks to Kobelli, they made sure that the ring turned out to be exactly like I imagined for her. Love the three stones with halos.”



🌟The final pick awaits!🌟

Here we go! We have gathered 3 top 3 stone halo moissanite rings for you to choose from. These rings have all the elegance and sparkle that you are looking for. 

👉All you need to do now is to pick a ring that matches the characteristics that you want in your ring. We know that it is going to be tough choosing one as all of these beauties are really gorgeous. Either way, pick and tell us in the comments about your favorite ring from the list. 💍☺️



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