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Leyloon's Exotic Engagement Ring Packaging

The exotic packaging is available on our diamond and moissanite jewelry only.



The entire design of the Holder Box and the other boxes inside of it with their components are made by our skillful designers to make something breathtaking, useful, unique and rare. 

Simply nothing even close to it is available elsewhere nor anywhere. It’s by far the most fascinating packaging of all time.



The top surface of your white Holder Box includes:

1- A gorgeous Fancy Glossy wooden jewelry box with a very rare red snake skin interior. Enhanced with Rose Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver Leyloon logo on the top.



2- A goat leather Handy Travel Jewelry Bag with rare snakeskin and rabbit fur interior (for orders over $2k only)



The top drawer contains:

1- A jewelry Dust Cleaning Brush with a rabbit fur handle(orders over $3k will receive two different brushes)



2- A Finger Ring Sizer to measure your accurate finger sizes.



3- A 8" x 7" big and soft natural Sheepskin Leather Cloth perfect for polishing your jewelry.



4- A lovely piece or a set of gold or gold plated 925 Sterling Silver jewelry as a special gift. The gift will be sent randomly.

-Up to $2k orders = Receive $150 worth Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver gifts 🎁

-Up to $4k orders = Receive $250 worth Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver gifts 🎁

-Up to $6k orders = Receive $450 worth Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver gifts 🎁

-Up to $8k orders = Receive over $700 worth Platinum gifts ✨

-Up to $10k orders = Receive over $1000 worth Gold gifts ✨

-Up to $15k orders = Surprise… you have to see it🌟😲(Black Moissanite)

-Up to & over $30k orders = Shhh… it’s a secret🤫(Diamonds & Ruby)



The lower drawer includes a box that includes:

A booklet plus your diamond certification. The booklet includes some helpful information about your jewelry and our brand.


Genuine Skins

All of the animal skins used in your box are 100% genuine. These rare snake skins are vegetable tanned and their colors are 100% natural and original. The rabbit fur is naturally white and super soft. This type of goat leather is the rarest and most precious type of goat leather due to its 2mm thickness and missive strength.

All of the pieces are handmade. Some parts of the boxes and all of the bags are designed and made per order one by one to fit the exact size of your jewelry. 


Limited Edition Packaging Series

The boxes and bags production is limited to 315 or less due to the rarity of the animal skins used in the designs. After that these designs with these materials will never be reproduced again. Once they’re done, they’re gone forever. The rest is history with your story.