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Solution for the gifts that may arrive after birthday

You finally found "The One" gift for her.

But you're a little bit worried about the shipping time. 😟

You're probably asking yourself "what if I don't receive it before her birthday?".

Well, stop worrying because there's a simple yet exciting solution. 😊✌


When you do this fail-proof action, she'll deeply comprehend how much you care about her.

I promise, you and your gift will be unforgettable for her.



  • I'm going to tell you what we should do together for her birthday to look even more exciting then ever.
  • Then will show you a quick & easy guide on how to do it.

Here's what we're going to do:

You're going to want to send her name to us then we'll take care of making a custom postcard for her for FREE. 👍

The postcard has your ordered product in the background while hiding with a cute note, which says "I'm on my way home!". 😍


This is an example of our product Avery with the name Sara:

We'll send you a customized & ready-to-print PDF file.

All you need is printing it then gift that to her on her birthday. 🎇

So, she'll know that you've already planned for everything. 📐

This shows her that you didn't just want to give her something randomly.

And the delay is because you want to gift her the best thing you could possibly find. ✨

Here's how to do it:

There're two ways to do it.

Choose the one that is more convenient for you.


Method 1:

Add to cart "The One" or the set of jewelry that you want.

Before going to checkout, write us this note in the Cart page, Note section.

"This's going to be a gift. Her name is (Name). Please send me a postcard."


Method 2:

Within half an hour after placing your order email us through this page saying this message:

"This's going to be a gift. Her name is (Name). Please send me a postcard."


Closing Words

Most people after doing this write us back that she'd had butterflies in her stomach till the gift itself arrived.💓

Not only this method works, she'll even be more joyful after waiting for another gift after her birthday. 😊

Hope you find this helpful.

Wish you the best on that special birthday party🎈