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Couples always ask me what are the gifts for each anniversary year? 😄

Today I'm going to cover all gifts for each year.

Every anniversary is important in a couple’s life to celebrate their love.


Are you experiencing your first anniversary or the 60th one? 

These modern gift ideas will help you to find out what are the momentous and significant gifts for each year.

So why not celebrate in the best way possible.


Before we get started, I want to remind you of one of the best songs for this great night.

Make sure you listen to this song and just enjoy being together at that time.💑

Continue reading to find out more innovative and creative ideas.

I am sure these ideas will inspire you.

Here I put all in detail for your help to find out what you need.


Let's see what are the gifts for each anniversary year together:


1st Anniversary Gift: Clocks

Time is precious and we need a lot of plans for a joyful life ahead. At this point clock is the best gift when you are planning how to face the challenges for the rest of the life.

2nd Anniversary Gift: China

Same like feeling of the love, China is elegant but delicate. This gift tells us not to take marriage for granted otherwise it will break. At the 2nd anniversary china emphasize that there is a need for more care in the relationship. Also, how much you cares about your partner.

3rd Anniversary Gift: Crystal or Glass

For the 3rd year anniversary crystal is the gift of light and beauty as well as it is fragile too. When the light reflects from the crystal it enhances its beauty. So the crystal gift reflects how much we inspire from the purity of light and how touchy with each other’s heart.

4th Anniversary Gift: Electrical Appliances

On the 4th anniversary electrical appliances show the life is practical now. So gift of coffee maker, Food factory shows how much you care each other’s health.

5th Anniversary Gift: Silver

Silver always have a bright and clear appearance. It shows the clarity, purity and strength. Nothing is better than a silver wear like pendent. At the 5th anniversary this shows the purity and strength of your relationship.

6th Anniversary Gift: Wood

For the 6th anniversary wood considers as the gift. It represents the relationship is solid. The roots of the relationship are now developed. The relationship is strengthening like a tree. Also, the wisdom will grow further with the relation.

7th Anniversary Gift: Desk Set

A desk set with a Pen and Pencil holder is a creative thing for a working women on the 7th anniversary. It indicates that how much you’re passionate in prospering your relationship.

8th Anniversary Gift: Linen or Lace

It derives from the biblical writings that the angels wear the linen white clothes. It shows the honesty and loyalty in a relation. Lace make it luxurious and elegant.

9th Anniversary Gift: Leather

Leather shows the warmth, strength, flexibility, durability and signifies the stability of relationship.

10th Anniversary Gift: Diamond Jewelry

A diamond shows the beauty and elegance of a relationship. Also, it symbolizes the eternity, everlasting love, strength and affection. At the 10th anniversary this gift shows that the marriage is as beautiful as a diamond.

11th Anniversary Gift: Fashion Jewelry

A perfect styled fashion jewelry tells a lot of efforts you have made to choose this precious gift for her. Fashion jewelry is a trendy item that reflects your love and affection.

12th Anniversary Gift: Pearls

12 years you have spent with each other. The pearl is a hidden treasure, and it express the relationship is rare and beautiful like a pearl.

13th Anniversary Gift: Textile or Furs

For the 13th anniversary fur represents the comfort, protection, softness and warmth. This gift shows how much you care and give value to each other.

14th Anniversary Gift: Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry as a gift theme for 14th anniversary shows how much worthy she is to you.

15th Anniversary Gift: Watches

A watch express the time you invested in each other making the relationship stronger. 15 years is a long time to fulfil all the commitments.

16th Anniversary Gift: Silverware

Silver reflect the glare and strength of the relationship. Silver itself is bright, clear, pure and elegant. So it symbolize your connection strength in your marriage.

17th Anniversary Gift: Furniture

An appropriate 17th anniversary gift is furniture. A unique styled home decor or furniture make the life comfortable and luxurious.

18th Anniversary Gift: Porcelain

Being the 18th year’s gift porcelain shows how much you care for this relation. Here, it symbolize that relation is refine, delicate and precious.

19th Anniversary Gift: Bronze

Bronze have the healing power. It is a symbol of the health and wellness. So at the 19th it shows the healthy marriage.

20th Anniversary Gift: Platinum

At the 20th anniversary both celebrate and enjoy all that they built together. Platinum shows that the marriage is strong enough.

21st Anniversary Gift: Brass or Nickel

You have spent a lot to time together. It’s the time to celebrate it and add some musical instruments made of these metal in life.

22nd Anniversary Gift: Copper

Copper is the theme for the gifts. It shows fortune, beauty, softness and prosperity. It symbolized the warmth and passion of the couple that they have now.

23rd Anniversary Gift: Silver Plate

Silver plate symbolized a family bond and shared moments of all the family members. Your family needs you more at this stage so this gift is perfect for the 23rd anniversary.

24th Anniversary Gift: Musical Instruments

For this anniversary there is always the excitement of the 25th anniversary. A musical instrument is the perfect gift to make the anniversary special.

25th Anniversary Gift: Silver

It is the half way to your 50th also known as the silver anniversary. Silver is the perfect gift for this time. People from everywhere like to gift silver at 25th anniversary.

26th Anniversary Gift: Picture

We already have a lot of ideas for this gift. As we spend a long time with each other and have a lot of memories. A picture frame of the most memorable moments is the best to gift.

27th Anniversary Gift: Sculpture

In modern days a sculpture is considers as a gift. It is a precious piece of art and shows uniqueness like the relation.

28th Anniversary Gift: Orchids

Orchids are luxurious and a beautiful gift option for the 28th anniversary. Their fragrance delight your occasion and remind your beautiful company.

29th Anniversary Gift: Furniture

Furniture symbolize the luxury, stability and comfort of the home. It shows the relation is settle and the home is complete now with love and prosperity.

30th Anniversary Gift: Diamond

You achieved a milestone. The diamond is the best gift to show the strength of the relation, love and affection.

35th Anniversary Gift: Jade

To show the beauty of the love for this much longer time. Jade is the modern gift theme for the 35th wedding anniversary.

40th Anniversary Gift: Ruby

Another milestone you have achieved. On this anniversary nothing is a better choice than a ruby. It is also the stone of love, energy and strength.

45th Anniversary Gift: Sapphire

It is precious and signifies the love, faithfulness and sincerity. This is the reason it is always used for the 45th anniversary.

50th Anniversary Gift: Gold

It is the golden anniversary. Gold is a soft and shiny yellow metal that represents the flexibility within a relation. Also, it is a precious, desirable metal and best fit with the golden anniversary.

55th Anniversary Gift: Emerald

This gift symbolizes as the true love, faith and hope in a relation. So in a relationship emerald shows the loyalty and friendship.

60th Anniversary Gift: Yellow Diamond

The 60th anniversary is rare. The yellow diamond is rare too. It symbolized the love, joy and happiness.


Well, we're almost done.

Now you know what are the gifts for each anniversary year.

Please feel free to share this awesome blog with your friends if you find it valuable. :)

If you have any questions please ask in the comment section, so I'll reply as soon as possible. 

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  • My husband got me an anniversary sundial for our first anniversary, it is a cool clock that uses the sun to tell the time. The one he got me sits on the window sill in the family room and it makes rainbow colors when the sun shines. It was made especially for our window, and the man who made it for us added a date line that the time shadow follows on our anniversary each year and a special mark on that line that the shadow touches at the moment we were married. Now, each year when the shadow hits the mark we drink a champagne toast, and it is a really nice way to celebrate our anniversary each year. I don’t remember what it is called exactly but you can find it online with a search. It’s got to be one of the best anniversary presents I’ve ever heard of!


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