What Color Pear Ring For Second Year Anniversary Is Cute?

Are you a Purple or yellow person?🍇💛


A two stone ring is very common for the second year anniversary gift. You might ask, isn't the color of the second year anniversary the white color?


I'd say exactly! These rings are so stunning that you'd forget that the setting is actually made of Solid White Gold! 😍



In the video you see three different ways of setting your diamonds on the ring. Double purple, double yellow and purple yellow. 


If pear cut is not your favorite you can heart cut or marquise to keep the stylishness of the ring. 

I think that the heart cut is the greatest fit for being an anniversary ring gift. But the beauty of the pear cut astonishingly comes out with this style ring design that melts more hearts than a pair of heart cuts. 😍 Don't you agree?🥰💧


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