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The purity of this metal determines how quickly it tarnishes.

Tarnishing of pure silver usually doesn’t occur easily if it is maintained properly.

One of the trickiest questions that you encounter is Does Sterling silver tarnish?

If you take it technically, then pure silver usually doesn’t, but as they are genuine, so silver is very soft.

To make it strong and hard some other things like copper are added to make things right.

Due to these reasons, sometimes they get tarnish.



It is not uncommon for some silversmiths to allow oxidation of this metal .

This is because some details on the jewelry jut out more when it is in this ‘oxidized’ state.

Cleaning without this in mind may destroy the small details that make it impressive.

Frequent and excessive cleaning and polishing can lead to this destruction.

It is wise to identify such jewelry that has oxidation and clean them separately.

Such jewelry stuff could be bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces.

Closing words:

Does sterling silver tarnish?

Yes, but women all over the world say that it they love sterling silver no matter what.

With some care you can delay tarnishing or spend a couple minutes a month cleaning them.

In this way your sterling silver jewelry is always keeps shining.

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