Does Pure Silver Tarnish?

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Pure silver does not tarnish.

However it's very rare to find pure silver jewelry.

It's because pure silver is not solid enough.

Does Pure Silver Tarnish?

if you make jewelry out of it, it bends, gets scratched and looses it's shine quickly.

That's why jewelers add some other kind of metals to make it shiny and strong enough to count as durable jewelry.

If you are ever looking at the pure silver jewelry, then you may get the idea that they don’t get tarnish quickly.

But the experience of people all around the world shows that it's better to pick 925 silver jewelry over pure silver jewelry.

That's why 925 silver is way more popular.

"But, what if they get tarnished" you may ask.

Well, no worries because there're already so many easy and cheap ways to clean your silver jewelry at home.

How Do You Clean Heavily Tarnished Silver!!? Here're 5 Simple Effective Ways

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