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When buying a birthday gift for an elder sister, do you feel pressured? Are you afraid you may not be able to convey the love you have for her with material items? Worry no more, I have an elder sister and I have cracked the code to please an elder sister with a budget under $100.

You do not have to spend too much to make your elder sister happy. You can convey your love with something sentimental that she can relate to. The idea is to make her happy and strengthen your relationship with her even more.

Consider the followings before you buy birthday gift for your elder sister,

1. Her age

2. Your precious memories together

3. Her wish-list

4. Her personality

Every sister is different and their personality may vary. Every elder sister care deeply for their young siblings! So it is time to repay and show her some care too. If you grab any one of the gifts from the list below, I can promise your elder sister would be very happy.

Mila Pendant

Number 1 in the list is this Mila pendant because the symbol monster leaf honors the elders. It shows respect to the elders. This would make your elder sister know you have actually taken some time out to pick her birthday gift. She would cherish it.


Photo Collage of you and her

We take pictures everywhere we go. This is a wonderful way to capture moments of life. Open the old photo albums or your memory card and find out the best pictures of you and your elder sister. Make a collage with meaningful statements about the period. This will be a sentimental piece in her life for years to come. She would even display it with pride in her house.


A basket filled with her favorite cosmetics

Every girl uses cosmetics. It is part of our everyday life. Would not it be wonderful to receive all your favorite cosmetics all at ones in a wrapped basket? Buy every cosmetic your sister loves and wrap it in a fancy basket for her birthday. She would love it because you took the time to list everything she loves. She would see you made the effort to organize it in a nice way. This gift also underlines the message that you want her to take good care of herself.


A wooden Plaque to say "how she is special"

Elder sisters are a blessing and you want to show as much love as possible on her special day. Write down what makes her unique and important in your life. Put it in a wooden plaque and gift her on her birthday. She would enjoy the attention and love. If you can paint, add some inside jokes as graffiti on the plaque to make it more special.


A pillow with a special message

This gift will be a sentimental yet something she would find funny. You can make a customized pillow with a picture that has value for both of you. You can add a funny message on the side and every time she looks at it, it will make her laugh.


Presley Earrings

Next is another meaningful piece of jewelry in the shape of Ginko leaf. It symbolizes longevity and endurance. This gift can symbolize the relationship you have with your elder sister. How she endured all your childish behavior for years with love! Young ones are the trouble makers in the family. Most of the times the elders need to endure the craziness the young ones do. These earrings can commemorate her endurance for all the past years.


Fancy Fuzzy Socks

We all love to be cozy and comfortable. Nothing says cozy like a good pair of fuzzy socks. You can choose a design that suits your elder sister’s personality well. During the winters she can get a lot of use out of it. She would also feel good that her little sibling is considerate of her comfort.

Elder sisters are blessings from God. They take care of us almost like our mothers. Any chance you get to make her feel good, you should take full advantage of it. Follow the ideas from above and I am sure you will make your elder sister very happy on her birthday.

If you know someone who has an elder sister, share the gift ideas with her. May be she will be able to surprise her elder sister on her birthday. Spread the love.


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