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Top 7 gifts for hard to buy for female - Quick-Witted

I have accumulated a list of 7 gifts for hard to buy for females and I bet every woman in the world would love them.

Before you look into the list, keep in mind to following things,

  • 1. Her personality
  • 2. Her interest
  • 3. Her style


Whenever occasions like mother’s day, or Birthday’s comes up, I always get into a dilemma what to get my mom. Unlike me, she is very hard to buy for! I am the kind who is happy with a pair of cat socks, but my mom is a tough cookie! I have hardly seen her buying anything for herself in the past decade.

So I want to make her special and celebrate the effort she puts into us every single day. 

A person who loves jewelry would enjoy a pair of earring more than a kitchen tool. A person who enjoys decorating the house would love a showpiece more than a necklace. So when you consider these little details before purchasing the gift, it becomes a hit.

Avery a Pendant presenting her Strength

Every women loves jewelry. Something that shows compassion is definitely a crowd pleaser. This necklace embodies the strength, the diligence and patience of every mother. Any mother would love to receive it as a gift. It is the right balance of classiness and trendy.

A Vintage Bag

Diamonds are women’s best friend but for some it is the handbag that does it! A vintage bag never goes out of style. If you can spot your loved ones secret wish-list of a handbag, she would love it and get a lot of use out of it.

Luxury Bathing Items

A nice hot bubble bath relaxes the muscle and mind! You can buy some luxurious bath items. Light some candle in the bathroom, your loves one would enjoy it a lot. This is a very generous gift as well. It shows you are acknowledging her effort in the family and you want her to take some time off and enjoy the alone time.

Chopping Board

Most women love to cook. Get a custom-made chopping board with a nice poem or a love note that explains how she is special. It would bring a smile on their faces when they use it.

Scented Candles

For some reason we women love smelling good things and we want everything else to smell good. Scented candles are perfect for every woman out there. You need to know which flavor would please her most.

Daniela Luxury Stud Earrings

Top 7 gifts for hard to buy for female - Quick-Witted

These stud earrings are such a timeless piece that they are actually passed onto daughters, and granddaughters. Every generation love it because it is luxurious and comfortable to wear. It can be a part of her everyday life. She can feel confident and beautiful. There are certain jewelries that never go out of style and Daniela stud earrings are one such item.


Top 7 gifts for hard to buy for female - Quick-Witted

If she loves tea, get a gift box of 10-15 different teas. It would please her and she would be very excited to try out the different flavors of teas.

Buying gifts for hard to buy for female is difficult when you do not know where to start from. If you notice her personality, style and interest, it would be easy to pick out a gift she loves.

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