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What or Which Type of Earrings Would Suit Me? 💘

How to simply figure out earrings that just suit your face type among dozens of them without wearing them one by one
To choose the best earrings, one of the major factors is to identify your type of face. 
You'll never struggle with choosing earrings that match your type of face after reading this...
Well, we found out about your face shape, so it’s time to go ahead & do the most interesting part which is figuring out the best earrings possible that are just made for you.
Technically an oval face is weighed as the most balanced shape when it comes to finding a pair of earrings or hair style.
So the main idea is to have your face styled with earrings like an oval shape in order to make it further balanced.
With these tips you’ll find the right earrings that compliment your beautiful face for a flawless look.

What or which type of earrings would suit me?

What or Which Type of Earrings Would Suit Me?

To get the most accurate answer follow this:

  1. Find your type of face in first.
  2. Check the list of best earrings for your face shape from the provided link.
  3. Buy them directly and enjoy showing off around your neighborhood.

What is my face shape?

You need to specify your face shape to find out what kind of earring is best for you.
There are six major categories of face shapes: Round, Square, Oval or Long, Diamond, Heart and Rectangle.
After you find out this question, whenever you see some earrings, will filter the ones that aren’t going to be the best for you.
To identify your natural face shape follow up these four easy steps.
  1. Stand in front of the mirror then tie up/pull back your hair.
  2. Make a line on outline of your face using a lip stick or something similar to that.
  3. Look at your face in the mirror or take a portrait selfie. Just focus on the trace of outline. What shape can you see? This is simply your type of face :)
I assume that now you know what's your face shape.
Now tap on the link bellow to get more info about your face shape and the kind of earrings that would suit you.
I'll link to some suggestions according to your face dimensions, which you can buy right away.

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Comment bellow what type of face do you have?😊

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