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What Kind of Earrings Suit Your Face Shape?

I should say that just falling in love with a pair of earrings doesn’t give you the guarantee to be a perfect match.
In fact they can add so much life to your face & make incredible sparkle to outfit or general style if you consider your face type, hair, personality & style.
The facial structure is literally an important fact that makes certain faces look so cute with some types of earrings.
Every lady at least should have a pair of earrings in her jewelry box that just loves them while they fit great on her face.
What Kind of Earrings Suit Your Face Shape?
Today you'll learn what’s the formula to recognize that special pair?!
  1. Find your type of face in first.
  2. Check the list of best earrings for your face shape from the provided link.
  3. Buy them directly and enjoy showing off around your neighborhood.

And if you don't know how to recognize your face shape simply follow this...

  1. Stand in front of the mirror then tie up/pull back your hair.
  2. Make a line on outline of your face using a lip stick or something similar to that.
  3. Look at your face in the mirror or take a portrait selfie. Just focus on the trace of outline. What shape can you see? This is simply your type of face :)

Now that you know what's your face shape, tap on the link bellow which is closest to your face shape.

You'll get more information about what types of earrings specifically goes well on your face as well as some suggestions which you can shop right away. ;)

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