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WHAT DO EARRINGS SYMBOLIZE? All you need to know

I'm gonna tell what do earrings symbolize in a quick way, so you'll become an expert.✅ 

It's very important for every person to know what do their earrings symbolize before wearing them.



Through the years among women, earrings are a symbol of womanhood and a sign of identification.

Women are known to wear them since ancient times.

The earlobe is associated with financial stability and social status.




No outfit is complete without a pair of beautiful earrings.

Everyone loves earrings, as a way to express themselves.

It is one important little that shows their character and personality.

This significant accessory is worn to accentuate you facial features and beautiful hair.

Earrings are the most effective, as they draw all the attention to your face. 👸


Different kind of earrings bear a different meaning.

They will show off your personality and leave a message for the world. 💌

This is a silent way to express yourself, without being afraid that it will remain unnoticed.

As soon as someone interacts with you, they will look you at the face.

And they will notice your earrings on the first glance.

The earrings will send a direct message on a subconscious level.



Have you ever wondered what do pearl earrings symbolize?



Pearl earrings, for example, say that you are classy and have refined taste. 🐚

They symbolize wisdom and stability.

Pearls don’t need any special polishing to stay beautiful, so this is why they are a synonym for stability.

It sends a message that no ups and downs can influence your personality.


Hoops are a sign of femininity in both genders.

They're of course one of the most popular these days. 

You can argue why they're trendy but they're going to stay around for a long time. They're simply beautiful and bold.




On the other hand, floral earrings reflect the innocence and tenderness-the main characteristics of a woman.

A flower is beautiful, loving, and needs attention. 🥀

So does a woman.

Despite being a reflection of a lady, flowers also symbolize new beginnings.


It means that you are always ready to go forward and flourish, no matter the things that get on your way.

Stud earrings are the most popular ones.

They say that the person is confident and aware of herself.

If they are large and catch everyone’s attention, then the person wearing them likes being on the spotlight.


Also, this type of earrings is used as protection for your aura.

Details will take over the sight of the curious eyes, and therefore, attract people that have a similar soul. 👫

This means that a beautiful pair of statement earrings will be a woman’s talisman in everyday life.

Dangling earrings symbolize balance.



It reveals that you are not into extremes, but would rather stick somewhere in the middle.

Their appearance is characterized by movement.

This is also connected with sensuality and energy.




Drop Hook earrings are very popular to present the religion or believes of a person. If you find some earrings with symbols that are unfamiliar, you're not alone. 

Symbols could have many different meanings from person to person.



A beautiful pair of threader/drop chain earrings show off your dynamic nature and joyfulness. 💚

Now that you know what do earrings symbolize better than anyone else.


Have you already found your special pair of earrings?

If not, go ahead and check out these craziest ever earrings right now.

Be sure that you will find the perfect pair for you!

This collection features meaningful pieces and you can feel their emotions.


Let me know what type of earrings is your favorite in the comment section. 👩

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  • Good point Andrew. There’s so many different kinds of earrings. We’re adding different types of meanings of earrings based on personality, passion, soul and more…

  • You didn’t include men. Many of us have a pierced ear or ears. They also have meanings for males who wear an earring or 2 or 3….


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