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Thin Band Hidden Halo French Pave 1.5 Carat Round Moissanite Ring
Thin Band Hidden Halo French Pave 1.5 Carat Round Moissanite Ring
Thin Band Hidden Halo French Pave 1.5 Carat Round Moissanite Ring
Thin Band Hidden Halo French Pave 1.5 Carat Round Moissanite Ring
Thin Band Hidden Halo French Pave 1.5 Carat Round Moissanite Ring
Thin Band Hidden Halo French Pave 1.5 Carat Round Moissanite Ring
Thin Band Hidden Halo French Pave 1.5 Carat Round Moissanite Ring
Thin Band Hidden Halo French Pave 1.5 Carat Round Moissanite Ring
Thin Band Hidden Halo French Pave 1.5 Carat Round Moissanite Ring
Thin Band Hidden Halo French Pave 1.5 Carat Round Moissanite Ring
Thin Band Hidden Halo French Pave 1.5 Carat Round Moissanite Ring


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$ 3,753.45 USD

Set Her Heart On Fire 


Thin Band Hidden Halo French Pave 1.5 Carat Round Moissanite Ring


Pastel colors of fall have conquered the woods. You sit beside crunchy leaves on a musky oak log. The essence of pumpkin spice wafts through the air. It's the perfect sort of camping trip. You're huddled around a bonfire with your best friends. One of them is strumming chords on his guitar, and the rest have joined him in singing playful songs.

Across from you, the love of your life is roasting s'mores for the gang. She smiles free as a bird, and warmth emanates from her like your very own bonfire.


Thin Band Hidden Halo French Pave 1.5 Carat Round Moissanite Ring


The intensity of the fire gleams in her eyes, like a Moissanite center-stone. She gives you a look full of meaning and depth. As she shies away from the heat of your gaze, she tucks stray strands of hair behind her ear. On her finger, Tinsley reflects the bonfire like a burning candle.

The ring forever crowns your love on her hand. It embodies your presence within her being, no matter where you go.

Like a promise for eternity, Tinsley marks your lady as your better half, always.




Shank Design Thin Band
Profile Design Prong
Gem Setting
Hidden Halo - French Pave
Gem Carat
2.5 Carat - Approx 0.30 Carat Smalls
Gem Shape Round
Gem Moissanite
Use as
Engagement Ring
Body Metal
14K White Gold
Gem Color D
Gem Clarity VVS
Gem Cut Excellent
Round-6 Prong



Business Owner

"It feels so comfortable on my finger with or without my band. Not too big not too small "



"So sparkly so cute and so elegant. Usually most earrings irritate my thick earlobes. Or they're not cute. One carat dangling hook earrings is just my cutest and most comfortable choice so far. Omg I love them, they're so adorable. "



"After scrolling through many of them I finally found my most-favorite piece to give to my lady on our fifth anniversary. I believe this band is the trendiest in fashion and is both minimalist as well as graceful."



“ These have been my go-to earrings be it university, a party or even a small catchup with friends. As they go so perfectly with whatever you wear. I love the size, the quality and the shine. No itch or redness. I am planning to order some rings and a pendant for me and my sister soon. “



"I wasn’t sure if I wanna get my ring online or not. I had some questions that the customer services made all my doubts clear. It arrived in about 12 days. It was well packaged with no damage. My rings are the most beautiful you will ever find! I like how they're paired. If I go back I’d still get my rings"



“I bought this thing to secretly find out her ring size from a ring she already has. The threestone ring I got is pretty much the same size as her own ring."


To my Mom

I got an infinity halo pendant for my mother’s birthday present. She has had this jewelry craze all her life! Specially for silver so obviously what could be better than this glamorous neck piece itself. But I was not sure if they would deliver it at time, the quality and many more questions swirling around my head. Everything went well and I received my package 2 days before her big day. The pendant and the chain are both real gold. The little stones seem to be fixed very well. It’s been two month since we got it. My mom wears it everywhere she goes now! I’m so happy by their service, thankyou guys!

Danny and Monica


"I’ll be very honest it’s superb. I really appreciate the customer services they provide. It was delivered to me in a time of 10 days only. I really love the pattern with a golden touch on the band with many small stones on the top. Boy you should've seen her when I gave her the band. I should've got a smaller size and they agreed to exchange it. But before I send it back she said she's gonna keep it and wear it on her middle finger. She's got some other rings that fit her other fingers. Anyways she's happy I'm happy."



"The sizing is excellent, the moissanite stone looks like a real diamond in any lightning which is perfect."



"Hi, the details match the ring. It is as it says on the page. Inside the ring says the name of the ring, gold number, ID number, moissanite color and their logo. My girl would know the fake from yards away. So I checked it right after it arrived. Wish me good luck. "



"A month ago I was looking for the best anniversary gift for my wife as it was our 10th year together. I went to various jewelers in my vicinity to find her something very unique, but nothing seemed to please. While working on a research presentation I came across Leyloon’s advertisement, and thought to give it a look. Only then did I discover these absolute lustrous pairs of earrings that I knew Sara would devote. Without a second thought, I placed my order and I am genuinely satisfied with the company’s customer policies. I received my package a week prior to our anniversary. My wife loves me more than ever now! I would 100% recommend it! Thanks to Leyloon."


Store Manager

"I was looking for a way to find my ring size that came across Leyloon. The moment I saw my ring I knew it's itself. They shipped it within 5 days via dhl. It is simple as well as elegant exactly as I like it. It comes in a small white leather box. Very shiny and gorgeous. I recommend it for quality, reasonable and quick."



I always wanted to have a tennis bracelet but never found the best design or when I did, the shipping was an issue to our country. A 10 for the accurate size of the gorgeous moissanite stones and the details of their settings. Looking forward to shopping with you again. 😊


Insurance Agent

“A friend recommended me this brand Leyloon. I checked their collection out and found the perfect fit for myself. The thin band embedded with tiny and sparkly stones caught my attention. It just arrived last night and is absolutely worth the money. “


Real Gold

"I've been wearing my wedding band for two months that I got from you. It never turned my finger green nor rusted. I feel good about it. Thank you for crafting my ring!"



“Delicate things never ever fail to attract me. I’m stunned by it’s elegance. Once you wear it you never want to take it off. The white gold chain is very pretty and also can be worn alone. It gives a slightly vintage look to your outfit. “


Movie Director

“Being a Catholic family, I try my best to reaffirm my faith and keep my bible close at all times. When I came across this cross sign pendant I couldn’t keep myself from ordering it here. It also gives me a sensation of protection when I think about my daughter wearing it. I am considering ordering it for my best friend Jane too, who will love it as much as my daughter and I do.”


Dog Mom

“Majority of people prefer small jewels studded on to the band but, while checking the many options I came across my ring with a huge stone... It took my heart away just at a glance. I quickly made sure that all of my friends know about it. I’m glad he asked my friends about my preference although it was frustrating because I thought he didn’t. 😂 “


Construction Framer

"It’s a classic engagement ring I’d say. As I wanted to purchase a simple band with a shiny diamond on top."


Self Employed

“ For my grandma’s 70th birthday I didn’t know what to get. As she is an antique lover, it took me a lot of time to search for the perfect addition to her jewelry collection. To my surprise Leyloon has incredible necklaces. I loved it at first sight and so did my grandma after receiving it. “


Engineering Student

" I’ve always been a golden-jewelry lover and when it comes to delicate chains I literally want to have them all. "



“It just arrived last evening. My hubby surprised me with it. My reaction towards it was memorable. They filmed it. I like it. Studded with small shiny beads. The quality is also quite impressive. “


As the picture

"Color and the shape look the same as the picture. I actually think it's more beautiful than the picture!!! I'm proposing it to her tomorrow night"


Business Consultant

"You feel like you're wearing something. Bold and charming."



“I was looking for a gold ring that will match my two-toned wedding band and I'm super glad I came across this ring. The ring itself is yellow gold and the prongs where the main stone is set on is white gold. It looks simple yet very beautiful. The only thing that I didn't like about the ring is that it's very thin and light. It's all good though, at least with this one I can wear it everyday. “


Self Employed

"Everyone says it compliments my hand. I love halos but I tried a small one in the mall and it looked very tiny for my big hands. I think I made the right choice. I hope I'm careful when I work with my hands. It's very delicate"



" I ordered this most-beautiful pendant online. The moment I saw it I knew I wanted it for my wife and as if it was made only for her to rock. So I placed my order secretly while in office to surprise her with this pleasing piece of art. I was to arrive in a time of 5 days to NYC and it did as said. The quality and shine are equally impressive. My wife told me that she couldn’t ask for a better gift than this. Money invested well! Thanks to these guys for their out-standing collection and efforts. "



My engagement was around the corner and I had no idea where to buy my fiancée’s ring from. When a friend happened to recommend leyloon. When I opened them up and went through their engagement rings collection honestly, I was astounded. All the pieces were so beautiful, but I was looking for something very extra and unique for my bride-to-be. It was then that I came across this square shaped gemstone with a candlelit glamour. I knew that this band is the perfect size for her hand. It finally arrived yesterday. Thank you


Personal Trainer

“Prongs are straight and accurate. Nothing wrong, diamond is straight and secure. “



" Stunning eternity band. Words can't describe how much I love it "



“ I think this is the best design one can have for an engagement ring. And so I chose this one, It’s just so exquisite one can’t stop staring at it’s shiny diamonds. The company’s representative guided me along the process and I was reassured about the shipping time. It finally arrived last night after 15 days of order. Honestly, it’s prettier than I ever imagined it to be. I’m in love with it and so will be my fiancée. 101% recommended. “


Mom of three

"I bought this beautiful necklace. There is a huge variety of items to choose from and what I like the most is their different categories. The chain is 40cm long plus another 5cm. It’s got a 585 mark on both the pendant and its box chain."

"I ordered a gorgeous pair of earrings. I really wish that I’d found this earlier but thank God I finally did. What helped me the most is how their website is designed so helpfully that it was so clear and to the point. "


Baker and cook

“ Incredibly astonishing ring for my mother’s birthday surprise from this online brand. The ring was in a white clean box with a purple ribbon in another package. Even the size was just perfect for which I was worried about the most. My mom really loves her new ring. My experience with them was great overall. “



“I was looking for the perfect pair of earrings to go with my dark blue prom dress. And I found them online from this brand. I placed my order very conveniently as the website was a great help and guided me along. I just received my package a while ago and I am speechless. These earrings are absolutely impeccable! Now I really can’t wait to wear them to my prom. Great work by your guys, I’m very happy with my purchase. Will surely shop more soon. “



Gorgeous high set ring, but the prongs catch in towels and some of my clothes.



"If you ever have found yourself in a position of needing to pretend to be married (don't ask...), then I highly recommend this ring. Not too large to attract the wrong kind of attention (or suggest it's fake) but large enough, diamond-wise, to get the point across that you're most definitely taken."


Sales Woman

"I bought this ring in a size 4 to wear to work. I’m in retail sales and, as my job requires a lot of smiling and being friendly, sometimes my customers can get the wrong idea. This ring is the perfect “anti-creep device” — big and sparkly enough to attract attention, but demure enough to look realistic. The stainless steel holds up well, too, and has held its shape and polish after wearing this every day. Will recommend this as the perfect imitation ring, especially for smaller hands."



“This ring is just stunning! I was looking for the perfect rose gold ring to wear all the time and give less wear to my yellow gold diamond ring. It’s not a chunky, showy, or pretentious ring. This is it! It's the right size, quality, and beauty, just perfect. Believe me, I am very picky. I checked every detail with a magnifying glass, and this ring is flawless. The gold has a warmer tone compared to most 14K jewelry, but it has its correct stamp inside the band. I wear a size 5 ring, and it fits nicely. For all the boyfriends out there, planning to propose without breaking the bank, this is the ring. She will be speechless! There is no difference between the diamond and moissanite stones at necked eye. “



“Due to a financially rough 2020 I had to go this way and after doing some research on style and price that would fit my budget, I made a good choice with this ring. The style was just what my fiancé likes, the size was spot on, and the price was worth her smile... she was actually surprised knowing where I got it to the point she started looking for wedding rings from here too. The only thing I personally would expect a little more is the actual ring to be a little bigger... it's nice but a little too small-fragile like, IDK maybe is just my male point of view of the ring. Other than that, she was and is happy with her ring and that's all it matters. Thanks “