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Solid Care Plan

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✔ 60 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

Package 1

4-Year Solid Care Plan

Your jewelry is guaranteed to stay in shape for the next 4 years with our 4-Year Solid Care Plan.

This includes all the regular tweaking, crafting, and spick-and-spanning required to keep your vibe fresh.✨

(Psst! All the jewelry you get from Leyloon comes with the 4-Year Solid Care Plan by default! 👍)


Package 2

Lifetime Solid Care Plan

Always looking for more in life? Well, guess what?

Our Lifetime Solid Care Plan has got you covered FOREVER!

This deal is an exclusive promise from us to you. That's why you can upgrade each individual piece of jewelry you buy from us to the Lifetime Solid Care plan, one at a time.

How solid do you want your heirlooms to stay?

Keep Your Jewelry like You Just Got It Yesterday!

Services Included in the Lifetime Plan:

  1. Ring Re-sizing to fit your finger through thick and thin.
  2. Jewelry Shortening/Lengthening for when you want to live big or small.
  3. Prong Re-tipping to bring your ring right back to life.
  4. Gem Tightening so your rock stays secure with maximum grip.
  5. Refinishing if you've had some rough times with your trinkets.
  6. Inspecting everything so that it's all how it should be.
  7. Polishing like a roomba so it shines like...well...a jewel.
  8. Cleaning out debris and pesky ol' germs to keep your trinkets tidy as church shoes.
  9. Free Minimal Repair, because life happens, and that shouldn't kill your vibe.
  10. Soldering for chains & bracelets so they stay as tight as your fashion sense.
  11. Rhodium Plating on White Gold to refresh and protect its beautiful shine.
  12. Resetting Gems so they stand upright and sparkle for you, always.
  13. Clasp Replacement so your jewelry can hold on tight and never let go.
  14. Zero Charge of Handling & Shipment to you.
  15. Gem Color Guarantee so you know it'll always stay pure as Day 1.

      1The goal of this exclusive service is make you sigh with relief when your ring needs resizing. Even when you don't know what to do!

      What's your perfect jewelry size right now? That's exactly how your jewelry is suppose to fit, forever, right? Well, you're taken care of!

      (Charges may apply if sizing up.)

      Prong tips are the most important factor to hold your gem. A sparkly gem deserves only the the shiniest prong tips. This keeps your prongs shiny and solid and with a firm grip your gem. The Solid Care Plan keeps them in their best shape.


      Request a Care Service

      Q. Is it Simple to Request a yearly care?

      Ans: Oh yeah!

      1) Simply tell us what services you think you need at

      2) Send in videos and pictures showing the issue so we can assist you better.

      3) Ship the trinkets directly to us.

      For rings, we'll use Ring ID numbers to track down the O.G. jeweler who crafted the ring. They'll be the person who takes care of it.

      (Let the artist deal with their art, we say!)

      4) Once it's all hooked up and ready, we'll ship it back to you as soon as possible. You'll get a tracking code, so you know when it's gonna get back home. 😊


      Not Covered by Solid Care Plan: 

      The warranty does not cover parts or repairs for damage caused by accidents or mistreatment.

      Each Care Plan covers only one article of jewelry at a time. In case of earrings, it applies to a single pair at once.

      Theft is not covered by the Solid Care Plan.