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Mountains are the soul's fuel.

It represents a deeper meaning in different ancient cultures. It symbolizes eternity, consistency and stillness. 

Our Lady Lux Jewelry Mountain Necklace symbolizes climbing over one or passing through a range that indicates one's strength.

Climbing up a mountain or other height often indicates spiritual or mental "rising" or improvement. 

It's not winning the mountain nor achieve something valuable, it's the positive state of your mind that keeps you going. No matter what's on the other side, no matter how hard the way is, you just keep moving. 

Wear this astonishing Lady Lux Jewelry Mountain Necklace to embrace a new you. 


[Metal Type ] Genuine 925 Sterling Silver

[Total Weight] Approx 12.9g

[Pendant Size] Approx:W3.1cm * H3.1cm

[Note]  Without Necklace