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Brooke - leyloon
Brooke - leyloon
Brooke - leyloon
Brooke - Focus - Self-actualize
Brooke - Focus - Self-actualize
Brooke - leyloon
Brooke - leyloon

Brooke - Focus - Self-actualize

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Stay Focus, Stay Positive Just Like A Honey Bee

Honeycomb has always been a mysterious example for us. We wonder how the bees can make something so organized and perfectly shaped! It is like a great lesson for those who want to sort out their lives in a new way. 


While others wearing the regular jewelry, be a mysterious lady by wearing this honey bee pendant. 

Magnificent design with the combination of grace, these handmade pendant is another level of perfection. 

It shows that you have a strong understanding that all life is interdependent.

Every woman has her special power just like these bees. The bee symbolizes community, brightness and personal power.

Be like a honeybee who gathers only nectar wherever it goes. Seek the goodness in everything around you and avoid negativity. 



Wear this pendant as a reminder to always believe in yourself and your power.

Get this stunning pendant now and let it whisper in your ears that you're capable of doing anything in this world.


[Metal Type ] Genuine 925 Sterling Silver

[Metal Plated Color]  Gold&Silver

[Total Weight] Approx 3.57g

[Pendant Size]  Approx:W2.95cm * H3.1cm

[Note]  Without Necklace