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Designer Leaves Silver Transformation Bracelet
Designer Cute Silver Transformation Bracelet
Designer Cute Butterfly Silver Transformation Bracelet
Alina - Leaves & Butterfly
Designer beautiful Silver Transformation Bracelet

Alina - Leaves & Butterfly

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Fly Like A Butterfly Towards A New Beginning

Designer Cute Silver Transformation Bracelet

Evolution- Self-conscious

Feel the power of nature and enjoy the breeze of paradise by wearing this gorgeous little garden bracelet. 

This designer cute silver transformation bracelet features little leaves along with a tiny butterfly. 


The little leaves of the tree is a symbol of a fresh start of life. It carries positive energy, maintaining a healthy body and working on a bright future. It is a symbol of immortality. As these little leaves grow and become older, it preserves strength and experience. 

Where there is a garden, there must be some butterfly. A garden is incomplete without the presence of butterflies. It makes a strong connection between them. 

There is a strong belief that butterflies are magical and cherished power animals. They are the symbol of creativity, spiritual rebirth, transformation and beauty. 

Glow like a butterfly and refresh everyone's mind with this amazing bracelet. Dont miss your chance to order and make this beauty to your own. 

Let this cute designer bracelet shine on you and indicate your consciousness because of its enclosed characteristics to the forest and mother nature.


Don't miss glowing on your dates without this stunning bracelet, so get yours right now and get ready to hear positive compliments about yourself.

This bracelet is carefully handmade with love. Crafted from sterling silver and plated with 18K gold. 


[Metal Type ] Genuine 925 Sterling Silver

[Total Weight] Approx 13.0g