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Handmade designer Silver Honeycomb Stud Earrings
Luxury Silver Honeycomb Stud Earrings
Bee on Honeycomb Stud Earrings
Handmade Luxury Silver Honeycomb Stud Earrings
Handmade Luxury Silver Honeycomb Stud Earrings
Handmade cute Silver Honeycomb Stud Earrings
Handmade beautiful Silver Honeycomb Stud Earrings

Alaina - Honeycomb

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Look Like A Flower & Act Like A Bee

Handmade Luxury Silver Honeycomb Stud Earrings

Focus - Self-actualize

    Whether to awaken us into the moment or to teach us to become fully engaged in our creative endeavors, the key is to focus on intention and be single-minded in purpose.


    Honeycomb has always been a mysterious example for us. We wonder how the bees can make something so organized and perfectly shaped! It is like a great lesson for those who want to sort out their lives in a new way. 


    Splendid design with the combination of beauty, these handmade luxury silver honeycomb stud earrings is another level of sophistication. 

    These honeycomb stud earrings show that you have a strong understanding that all life is interdependent.

    Every woman has her special power just like these bees. The bee symbolizes community, brightness and personal power.

    Be like a honeybee who gathers only nectar wherever it goes. Seek the goodness in everything around you and avoid negativity. 


    Follow the bee and her honeycomb's mission to discover your new destination. 

    A Bee's honeycomb represents the Heart Chakra and life's sweetness.

    Wear these stud earrings as a reminder to always believe in yourself and your power.

    Get this luxury honeycomb stud earrings now and let it whisper in your ears that you're capable of doing anything in this world.


    Spread positivity with your strong personality. 




    925 Sterling Silver

    Plated Metal

    18K Gold


    Approx 2.99g