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Give Her the Best Gift

5.5mm Wide Band Pave 0.87 Carat Round Moissanite Wedding Band 14K Gold

Her excitement is palpable. She hands you a carefully wrapped gift and her eyes are glowing with joy. All she ever wants to do is make you happy. She’s constantly getting you these little gifts, to show you she thinks of you.

But the truth is, she is the best gift you could ever ask for. She knows how to make you smile, how to make you laugh, how to touch you like nobody else ever has. Her smile is the biggest gift you’ve ever received. Waking up next to her every day and calling her your wife is a gift on its own.

And the best gift you’ve ever given her is yourself as her man. That is why so proudly wears her 0.87 Carat Round Moissanite Wedding Band. With a ring like that, she knows she’s already gotten the best gift of her life. The gift of calling herself your wife.





Thickness 5.5mm
Shank Design Wide Band
Gem Setting Bead set, Pave
Gem Carat
Totlall Approx 0.87 Carat or  around 175 x 0.005 ct
Gem Shape Round
Gem Moissanite
Use as
Wedding Band, Anniversary
Body Metal 14K White Gold
Gem Color
Forever One - Colorless - D
Gem Clarity VVS1 - VVs2
Gem Cut Excellent